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The Return of Comedic Chaos and Stuff

  • May 15 / 2009
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The Return of Comedic Chaos and Stuff

In 2007, we announced that show 150 would be the our last show; the end of switched:ON. -A decision that was hard to make, but necessary none-the-less. We always knew when we announced it that we’d want to get together and record something, but what that would be, and how we would relate that to a show that was ‘over’.

Of course we did record, and even when the original show domain was gone, we still put a few odd shows out and released them into the feed. A few core listeners stuck around and heard these, and a few casual people stumbled on then as well. For many, these remain unheard.

Now, we’ve returned. Coming back for a less agressive schedule (one release per month) we are bringing back the same old thing… because it works for us. We’ll hang out, we’ll turn on the mics, we’ll sing some songs or play an odd game when we get bored, and we’ll try to make each other laugh. Will we do this forever? We don’t know. Will there be insane laughter every show? We hope so. Will Rob totally lose it with stupid people? Probably. What we do know, is that we are back, and we will try to have the best time we can… and let you hear it.


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