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Premature Movie Endings

  • Jul 21 / 2009
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Premature Movie Endings

An idea that’s come up on the show a few times, the Premature Movie Ending is just what it sounds like; we take well-known movies and end the story before it really begins.  These have come up in SOS-072, SOS-074 and even later in SOS-094 in the form of short movie trailers, early credit roles and totally anti-climatic endings.  So, we’ve done it.  Well, a few times anyway.

This summer we edited a few of these to get the ball rolling, and have seen them pulled from YouTube already, with Back to the Future being removed multiple times.  So, we’ve moved them here for your enjoyment.  We bring you Star Wars, Top Gun and Back to the Future.

Star Wars: A New Hope

[flv:PE-ANewHope.flv 480 270]

Top Gun

[flv:PE-TopGun.flv 480 253]

Back to the Future

[flv:PE-BackToTheFuture.flv 480 270]

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