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Helpful Products

  • May 20 / 2011
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Helpful Products

So back when I made the job-quitting comic book, something someone said got my mind working. A boss a level or two up said something like “…what a great way to soften the blow giving bad news!” When going over how the whole thing went later that day, it occurred to me that there is a real need for more fun ways to deliver really bad news. Immediately, I started thinking of products that could be created to help deliver bad news, and here is what I came up with.

For Medical Professionals

There may be very little that is more difficult than delivering bad news to a patient and their family. Not being emotionally attached, you are telling people that they will soon die, maybe even in a very painful fashion. You may even be telling someone’s family that despite your best efforts, you completely failed and now they don’t have a dad, wife or brand new baby. This doesn’t have to be so stressful for you, and who says bad news can’t be a little fun? BadNews-WordFindThe Bad News Word Find is a great way to let your patients find out about their ailments gradually, while they are focused on the challenge of finding each and every word. Puzzles like “Paralysis Below the Waist” let patients find calming words right along-side the all important message you want to convey. With a little luck, maybe they’ll actually find “routine” or “low-risk” long before they find “never walk again”. This process really helps with the more challenging puzzles with themes like “Complications During Delivery” and “Accidental Decapitation”. For quicker or simplified message delivery, a Hangman activity book is also available.


Loss-of-LimbsThe stress for those in the medical field doesn’t stop there. In addition to delivering bad news, the stress persists beyond the onset of symptoms or a procedure, and often continues through recovery and coping. For those serious patients in your exam rooms, very little comfort may be found within the pages of old editions of Motor Trend, Cosmopolitan or Highlights! magazine. Even serious patients could benefit from message oriented wall posters, that do more than depict the layout of your respiratory system. Posters like “Loss of Limbs” from the Living a Full Life Series focuses on this void, and provides patients with the kind of quiet reassurance that can really make a difference.


The Kids. Won’t Someone Think of the Kids?

DaddysGone-LossReceiving devastatingly bad news and coping are among the hardest things a person may have to face in their lifetime. Nowhere is this more true that with children. If you have to be the person tasked with delivering painful news to such a child, the heartbreak can be overwhelming. For these situations, the Bad News Pop-up Books can make things easier, and even a little entertaining. Using pictures that send clear messages to young children, understanding is made simple and clear. Youngsters really respond to the bright colors and playful themes, which can be important in their time of pain or loss.


Death can be particularly difficult, particularly for children who have not had any experience with it yet. Early preparation using our books can provide information in easy to understand pieces, and let younger children know what to expect if they attend the funeral, a wake or go to visit their lost family member’s final resting place.


Divorce-LossThere are many types of loss, and the much more common and often devastating Divorce, is exactly the time when an entertaining little story can help in a seriously big way. Our Divorce themed books are available in so many common themes for kids to understand, including Differences, Imprisonment, Adultery and our new book about Coming Out.


Products that can Help, in your time of Hurt.

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