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Xbox 360 Gamertags

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    Hey, I’m getting an Xbox 360 next weekend! I think that I am going to buy the system and Call of Duty 2 for right now. Anyways, if you have Xbox Live, leave your gamertag here so I can send you a friend request when I get it.

    And if anyone has any other suggestions for awesome games, leave them here.


    im getting a free xbox 360…and selling it for 400 dollars. woot.


    Mine’s ‘Scizow’. I’ve got a several games, but the ones I’m playing the most now are

    Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion (Single player)
    Hitman: Blood Money (Single player and the bestest game ever)
    Rockstar Games’ Table Tennis (Xbox Live, Difficult but fun and addictive if you’re into it)

    Then the other games I’ve got are

    Fight Night Round 3 (Xbox Live, I just started playing this again, I love this game)
    Need For Speed: Most Wanted (Xbox Live, I liked this more than the other racing games, it’s just a shitload of work to progress)
    Farcry Instincts Predator (Xbox Live, I got this because I had it on original Xbox, but there’s something odd about the controls in this one, frustrating, but I like the game regardless)
    Tony Hawk American Wasteland (EEbox Lee, It’s Tony Hawk, I like it, If you like Tony Hawk, too, than you’ll like it too, too)
    NBA 2K6 (Xbox Live, I think this one’s better than NBA Live 06, shit, even the clothes move better when the characters move)
    Condemned (Single Player, I played this all the way through one time, I liked it a lot, I admit it was scary [to me, at least], but I’m waiting to get a new HDTV before playing it through a second time, because… Well?)

    Then I’ve got Live arcade games, but I’ve typed long enough (I’ve been trying to figure out what’s my problem with short answers lately). So yeah, I pretty much like all the games I’ve bought for the system so far.

    Fuck it, Xbox Live Arcade:

    Bankshot Billiards 2: Fuckin’ fun
    Smash TV: If you played it back in ’90, you’ll like it now. Hardest fucking game ever to not die in.
    Uno: I got it for my girlfriend, she likes it, I can’t beat one fucking game in it.
    Wik: Single player, but I love the shit out of it. Fookin’ Wik!?

    Point being, I hate the awkwardness of talking to strangers and then losing to them. I lose every time I play any game on Xbox Live because in reality, I suck balls at most video games. AAaaaaand, break!


    Games have to be in a sort of sweet spot for me to play. If it’s too easy, I’ll just blow through it and get tired of playing. But if it’s too hard, I get frustrated and stop playing.

    Playing with other people is hard for me, because I have a tendency to get frustrated if I lose too much. It’s probably this competitive problem I have, and especially when winning doesn’t take any skill at all.

    For example, if I lose to someone playing Texas Hold ‘Em, it’s okay. I could’ve been outplayed. I could’ve been outdrawn. It isn’t just luck. A game like Monopoly pisses me off, because if you don’t get good rolls in the first couple of rounds you’re screwed for the entire game.

    Which brings me to video games online — there’s no way for me to compete. I don’t spend hours upon hours playing. There’s no way for me to compete, at all. I like Battlefront II, and one day, I was over at my parents’ house playing with my little brother (he’s 16). He wiped me out every single time and was barely trying. It’s simply because he doesn’t have anything else to do than play video games. Sure, if I spent 4 or 5 hours every day playing then I might be better, but hey, I’ve got other things to do.

    So basically, I’m a sore loser, and when something takes a lot of time to get good at something, I lose interest very quickly.


    Playing with other people for me is a big to-do as well. It’s like if I think I’m decent at a game and think I can take on people online, then I end up getting stomped. That’s okay though, for the most part, as long as they’re good, but what frustrates me to no end is when yeah, like Rob said, when you encounter people who play endlessly and become good at it in a completely shitty way.

    A good example would be Fight Night Round 3. I love that game, but when I play on Xbox Live, I’ll play against people who I know for a fact just watching them fight that they have no skill or style. Thus, they should lose and learn from their mistakes, but do they? No. I try to fight with some boxing finesse. Now, I go the distance by that way, but these wild armed retarded peepees always seem to get the best in the end. That eats dick. Simple as that. That, and I’ve never been shit talked to so much in my life as playing this game online. Buncha savages.

    If it’s a first person shooter, and the action is so fast and single minded that it becomes stupid-ass ‘Rocket arena’, “boom boom boom, you die, get up, you die…”, then it’s boring and repetitive.

    Then, on the rare occasion when I’m better than someone else, I find an urge to dumb down my preformance to even the bar, because it’s not fun for me to annihilate someone (well, maybe at boxing). Another long post. What the fuck is wrong with me!?

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