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Word Series of Poker

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Word Series of Poker

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    no more links here.


    Newman! They’re attacking the base again!!!!!!


    What will Rob Michaels do if he ever meets Lindsay Lohan?


    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    You know what, no, fuck that. I’ve had a shitty ass, fucking day and I’m going to take it out on your sorry worthless ass. Do you know how big of a fucking loser you are? I mean, really. Don’t get laid much, do ya? No, I peg you as your typical 30-something, overweight, stubbly-pimple scarred face, long greasy hair in a pony tail kinda guy, spending countless hours of your fucking worthless life sitting in front of a computer, crashing in on sites that actually bring people joy and a moment’s rest from the world and you come in here, do your equivalent of online jacking off, leave your spooge all over our site and leave. What if I came over to your mom’s house, dropped trow and started jacking it right there with your mother watching? Would you like that? Maybe if I just left my spooge all over your fucking living room, how about that? Would you like someone doing that to you? No? Then stop doing this shit here you fucking tool!!!

    As a side note, yes, I’m fairly sure that a bot slapped it in there, but still, it felt good to vent about my shitty day for awhile. I think I can go to sleep now.


    You know that

    “I had a shitty day” is not enough

    we need details Frank, details….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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