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Why Good People Go Bad.

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Why Good People Go Bad.

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    First of all fellow SOS’ers let me just say that people are dicks. Every time I go into public I question Humanity’s worth. I consider myself a good person, I don’t steal, cheat, or hurt people, I am nice to strangers, etc.

    But what the fuck is up with people? Even in my most sadistic rages I don’t talk to people with as much condescention and arrogance as 99% of the people I run across day in and day out. Since when did it become okay to just talk to someone like they are stupid and beneath you? I know that everyone has bad days but I am really shocked by just how ugly people are to each other.

    Part of me goes back to my earlier years and teachings and tries to “treat others as I would be” type stuff. Of course I seem to be in the increasingly shrinking minority when it comes to that. The whole idea of paying kindess forward looks great on paper and gives you the warm fuzzies inside, but the reality of it (at least according to my personal experience) is that it simply doesn’t work.

    Hate breeds more hate.

    But these fucking condescending, self-important assholes apparently don’t understand anything else. The “warm fuzzies” are nice but I think throwing shit back in people’s faces will at least feel like personal justice.

    I have put it off as long as I can. I really think my psychological well being is on the line here and I refuse to let these fuckfaces win.

    I am gonna be a dick. A great big self-centered, dark side, leave me the fuck alone dick.

    They can blame me, blame people in general, blame whatever these fuckers want…I refuse to be nice to these people anymore, I am tired.

    I want to avoid theological aspects in this discussion as they are usually too personal of an issue to discuss. So please understand this is a purely secular arguement. Faith in a higher power is one thing, faith in your fellow man is impossible.

    Oh, one more thing….
    Wherever you people work….do any of your co-workers use the phrase “Well, what you don’t understand is…..”?

    mine do…can’t wait for the next person to say it to me. I may be looking for a new job after it happens.

    Game over motherfuckers…..game….fucking….over..


    If you dig down through it, I think most if not all of it stems from selfishness.


    I think we’re at breaking point. It seems to me that we’re (for the most part) ready for a new stage of evolution.

    Don’t worry about it too much, Bing. I think that this stage, like everything, will pass soon enough. I really can’t see it lasting too much longer, and it might take another tragedy not unlike 9/11 to wake us up collectively.


    The Great Depression worked once…


    All good points my friends.

    You may be onto something here, perhaps my selfishness is increasing my anger to others, I assume you were referring to the selfishness of others but that made me think of it the other way around.

    Rob, think smaller dude. I see what you are saying and you have a very valid point. But I am thinking on a one on one level.

    Bryan, uh….yeah… 8)

    I guess what all of that was about is this.

    When (in your opinion) does being a dick become justified as a whole? I don’t mean on a case by case basis, but rather a “I give up on trying to be the good guy” thing. I’ve just noticed that being a “nice guy” is taking more and more effort every year and it really doesn’t seem to make a difference. I was a damn friendly dude at 21, now I just wanna tell little kids that Santa is a lie and Grandma went to Hell.

    or perhaps I am already a dick and just lack follow-thru

    Input and opinion from all is welcome…

    rob wrote:
    I really can’t see it lasting too much longer, and it might take another tragedy not unlike 9/11 to wake us up collectively.

    Balderdash! People have always been assholes, and they always will be. The only reason people (who’re otherwise assholes) “pull together” or start passing out hugs and free dixie cups of water after unpleasant events is because enough people around them are sufficiently emotionally destabilized by the unpleasantness that they might catch a real-life, full-speed, lynch-mob ass kicking if the asshole continues in their dicketry.

    It seems to me that we’re (for the most part) ready for a new stage of evolution.

    The reproduction rates of assholes vs. legit people would seem to indicate that the “next stage of evolution” would continue to be assholes as the dominant species. I think that the only way that jerks and jackasses will start to be the less-fit-to-survive is if legit people start calling the jackasses out in public, and demanding that everyone else who isn’t a jackass step up, too.

    “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good [people] to do nothing.” ~Edmund Burke

    So, Bing, I gotta say, that.. I need to stop using so many goddamn commas.

    Bing, put the hammer down on those rude, unpleasant shitheels that make life unpleasant for everybody else. Be relentlessly vitriolic and incomparably hateful toward those assholes, but beware that you don’t become an asshole yourself.



    It’s true. Assholes have been around forever, but my point is that being an asshole is learned behavior, and it takes something amazingly cool or amazingly terrifying to shake one out of their shoes. I think a reckoning is coming, not in a biblical sense. There will come a time when these assholes either recognize that they’re being assholes and change or they are snuffed out by rules, regulations and gum disease.

    Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.


    trouble is… The assholes generally make the rules.

    Things that should alter behavior in a life-changing ways only do temporarily because of this social training… But people go back because being self-centered pricks are what they know. My concern is that this will never change for Americans unless a giant EMP or general economic failure strikes forcing people to take a real look at their values. But it could just as easily go the other way.


    Move to NZ Bing me old cobber, as long as you can swing a hammer you’ll run into plenty of good bastards amongst our own special batch of imbeciles and stuck-up cocksuckers. Asshole Syndrome is all over the planet but it sounds like you need a change of scene. I’ll be right back, I’m just going to go and round us up some platypus steaks .

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    You know that Baker Romeo guy is pretty cool.

    Bryan, nail on the head dude. Social Training, I’m with you 100% on that one.

    Bucho, if it weren’t for the rampaging hordes of Jehovah’s Witnesses I’d be a New Zealander tomorrow. (can we crash at your place for awhile? I feel I should warn you that I fart in my sleep…)

    So uh, Rob…..what are you wearing?

    Yesterday I pulled a guy back into my office and told him “I don’t talk to you like that and you won’t do it to me either, do you understand?”

    I had worked up a good mad and was foaming at the mouth for a fight….
    “Yeah..sorry dude, been a rough day…we cool?” was his response..
    Took all my hot air away quicker than Rob loses his shit at a Lohan concert…..



    I’m sure a Lohan “concert” is just a CD listening party with her gyrating on stage for an hour and twenty minutes.

    I don’t think my feeble heart could take that.


    Don’t be so quick to dismiss living amongst the JW infestation my man, they’re good eatin’.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    Does Lindsay Lohan count in this forum equation?

    El Rustirino

    Don’t become an asshole, Bing.

    Bucho wrote:
    Don’t be so quick to dismiss living amongst the JW infestation my man, they’re good eatin’.

    That may be the solution my friend…

    I’ve been thinking that a nuke or economy crash might fix society.

    I blame shoddy parenting, but the House Buddah might be on to something.

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