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Who in the Hell listens to SOS #5 –Mike3point-something

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Who in the Hell listens to SOS #5 –Mike3point-something

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    AAYY!! All Ya’ll vagrants and perverts and such. Bing.

    I’ve been away for a while and as soon as I get back I see the spammers have found our little oasis on the web, well may they all bleed to death from a horrible case of ebola.

    …but you came for the questions not a Bing-rant-o-rama……

    So first Pa-ul’s pick and questions

    Okay the next victim, oops Sorry, person that I nominate shall be…[insert drum roll here]

    The three questions are.

    1. Whilst out walking you discover a completely new form of life (insect/bird/mammal). Describe the animal and name it, complete with its road runner type Latin name, e.g. Rattlesnake (wigglius bitius).

    2. You make a wish that you could be a celebrity for a day. The following morning you wake up and discover that you are that celebrity. Which celebrity would you be, and what would you do for that day as them?

    3. You are given the chance to write anything, anywhere you like in the world. What would you have written, and where? E.g. “Croissant…HawHawHaw” on the Eiffel tower.

    Good job there Pa-ul, glad to work with you sir….so I guess its my turn.

    First of all, let me say that while I enjoy everyone on the forums and the show, I am particularly fascinated by Mr. Mike Pi. I don’t know if it is the grossly enlarged head or just the wit and shit that he spews forth..the guy just cracks me up. So I have been looking forward to this….Jedi.

    5 – You notice a pain in the lower buttock, upon craning that gigantic noggin of yours in the mirror you discover you have the mother of all ass pimples. I mean a huge quarter sized lump-o-puss that will no doubt put you into orbit if you attempt to squeeze it before it is “ripe”. Now…being no stranger to ass pimples you think to yourself “I can’t afford a failed squeeze….I must do it perfect on the first and only try”….Well considering its location, you can’t exactly do this job yourself. Obviously this is no job for the wife/girlfriend/whatever. You can pick only from the forum members and/or show hosts (myself excluded)….who gets to pop the butt puss? And how much will you pay them should the putrid material hit them in the face?

    4 – I see you have recruited a new member “Shortbus Reject” (glad to have you S.R.). How did you describe this online community to this new guy and what made him a good candidate for inclusion? He describes himself as your co-worker, what type of work is it you guys do anyway?

    3 – Captian Bryan must take a few weeks off to scout out locations for his 17th move this year. While he is gone Rob and Jerry agree to let you on in his place on the SOS show. After you are done slobbering over Rob’s manly studliness and Jerry’s Jedi Mind Powers, what 3 topics of discussion do you bring to the show and why?

    2 – Detail for us your greatest manly victory (be it beating up someone or a sexual conquest) and your most shameful defeat.

    1 – Recently Rob recalled a story about some girl at work hitting on him and possibly wanting to snack on his man-meat at lunch…obviously you are a heterosexual man and this will all be supposition and extrapolation, but what exactly do you think was wrong with this young lady?
    (nuthin but love to Rob…we all know I think he is the coolest and funniest guy on the internet…and he’s not gay….even though I offered to pay him….<----relax everyone, that was only a JOKE)
    BONUS QUESTION***this one requires some extra effort***

    As Darth Octavious so brilliantly illustrated for us the differences in the philosophies of the Jedi and Sith, I think its time to move into a new genre of entertainment discussion. Please feel free to choose from

    a- Star Trek
    b- Firefly / Serenity
    c- Battlestar Galactica (current Sci-Fi version not the 70’s one)
    d- Aliens (HR Giger)
    e- Predator
    f- The Last Starfighter

    detail for us what attracts you to this show/movie and why, in your opinion it is so cool or bad. Do not bother typing your answer as no one cares to read it…we would much rather HEAR it..please leave a message at 1-817-591-0356 to complete the questionnaire (or email the SOS’ers an mp3 of the answer..also please nominate my next victim)

    wait a minute mister you ain’t done yet. Just put that giant thinking cap back on your oversized sweaty head and finish the test!!!!!!

    The Mike Pi jumbled extra content questions

    True or False:
    I pee in the shower
    I pleasure myself in the shower
    I pleasure myself anywhere I damn well please.
    I was the third gunman.

    (for the next set answer as follows: *for us lazy bastards please use the text and not just the letter*
    A – possible
    B – not likely
    C – Hell no
    D – only if it pays well

    When picking out a possible mate I look at her chest first face second
    My favorite color is vomit
    If a tree falls in the woods and lands on Phil will it sober him up
    Rusty is Bing’s illegitimate son
    I would lick sweat from Newman’s Grundel
    I would let Newman lick his own goddamn Grundel
    My head is sometimes used as ballast for offshore oil drilling platforms
    My head is normal sized..I have really small teeth and eyes.
    My head is actually a mask to hide my alien features

    Answer or nominate someone else to answer: (nominees cannot pass on the questions further to someone else…see Mike Pi for complaints)

    If I had to go gay I would go gay for……
    If I could punch anyone in the face I would punch….
    The worst thing I ever did and never got caught was……
    When I am elected King of the World the first thing I will do is….
    I listen to SOS while I………..
    My most likeable quality is………..
    I would drop kick a baby through a flaming goal post if _____ would _____ my ______…….

    Everyone stay tuned for Mike’s answers and be sure to drill him about any of his responses…remember to be nice and he may nominate you next..

    Mike, my friend I always look forward to your responses, especially this time. I can’t wait to see what that gi-normous head comes up with…..

    …nuthin but love…..in a non gay way





    Goddammit I suck at interneting. I’ll try again.



    I may not be the sharpest knife in the eye, but I get there eventually.

    Methinks mayhap the bingster should next turn his attention to


    That’s right, time to turn all that anger inward, become one with the force, and you shall become more powerfull that I can possibly imagine.


    As always, great questions and great answers. I gagged a bit with the pimple thing, but the Rob question was very interesting, because I agree that there’s got to be a reason why an attractive 20 year old would be interested in me.

    Only $40, though?


    Great with the question and the answer and the process of typing and ham. /cosby

    Lots of peeing in the shower/raping in the face goodness with those answers. Sounds like a night at the Jackson’s house!


    I’m on the Microsoft campus today at the Vista Readiness lab and the woman in charge here is named Manmeet. I kid you not…


    hahahahaa. crazy.


    So are you ready for Vista? I know I’m not.


    I’m under an NDA here, but I can tell you that they have made some really good strides in securing this platform. The entire security model is different than before and most applications will need to be completely re-coded to take advantage, but it is for the better. It may actually be a fairly secure platform by the time it comes out.

    I’m going to try and install it on my MBP today. Wish me luck! 🙂

    Shortbus Reject

    I may not be the sharpest knife in the eye, but I get there eventually.

    I must say that themin am some damp geut questions….and answers for that matter. Also, may I add that Mike has done much more for $40 then go gay. He did say something about placing his order for a transient “real doll”, complete with facial hair and the like. He liked it when I let him fuck mine in the face.

    Mike is truely a talented individual. He can grow hair all-the-way around his ear…..perfectly… disgusting. He’s a regular Robin Williams. That, or he ate Robin Williams.
    Seriously…hair around the ears…both of them.


    The Oprah’s face answer is some kind of genius. I don’t even hate her but I cracked up big time for that one just getting the mental image of you doing it on her Christmas special or something.

    Deforest cracked me up big time too. Big time.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.

    Bucho wrote:
    The Oprah’s face answer is some kind of genius. I don’t even hate her but I cracked up big time for that one just getting the mental image of you doing it on her Christmas special or something.

    Stop screaming bitch, I’ve been allowed this one. 😀

    If it doesn’t work, jam a screwdriver in there and jiggle it about.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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