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Who can tell me more in detail about

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Who can tell me more in detail about

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    Hi everyone, I am a new spammer on your forum http://www.switchedonshow.com, I’ve been reading it for a while, and decided to try my luck asking a few questions: Why is my penis so incredibly small? Did my mother wrong someone in a past life? Why does my Paw-Paw always tell me he loves me in his “special way”? Why does this ‘Bing’ person always reply with something really funny making it a crime to completely delete threads like this?

    -fixed by V3.


    The orange lounge is a place for people like you to experience the hate of people like me.

    May your Christmas be filled with homeless people singing bad songs on your doorstep and may two of them have explosive diarreah on your dog. May your testicles fill with pus and explode during church on the old lady in front of you. May your holiday dinner give you E Coli and your Christmas tree catch on fire and burn you up with your crap family.

    Merry Christmas Dumbass.


    And I hope your tv explodes and glass and molten plastic fuse to your face. Then you have to wait 4 hours in the e.r. waiting room, while old people piss themselves and it runs into your burn wounds. And then the hospital is out of morphine, so they figure dumping gasoline on you and lighting it is the most humane thing to do…

    So, I hope you have a Merry Fucking Christmas in Hell spammer!!!

    I feel better…



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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