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What a dick (and not the hairy kind)

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What a dick (and not the hairy kind)

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    I don’t know if I told you guys this, but I work at a golf course. All day it was pouring, and we had a tournament of about 100 people, which meant they all came back at the same time and created mayhem. To ease this, I stood outside to tell them where to park the carts, just so me and this other guy didn’t have to drive 50 carts around. Everyone was happy to oblige, as it took less than a minute to do this.

    Until Mr. I’m In a Bad Mood and Not Getting Any So I’ll Make Your Life A Bitch came along. I asked him to park the cart fifty feet away, and he stared at me and said, “Nope. You’re getting paid, and I’m not.” (I make $8 an hour, not exactly the big bucks). So I had to leave and drive the damn cart because this dick didn’t feel like it. This guy was about six inches shorter than me(I’m 6’3″, so that happens), so I could’ve taken him. So there I was, drenched, pissed off, and ready to take out my anger on this shrimp, but the only thing that kept me from nailing this asshole was the knowledge that I could rant here, on the forums.


    What a cock!


    What really gets me is the response.


    First of all dickface, you don’t get to tell ME “No”. Now take your insecure ass over there and park the fucking cart like a good little rich boy.

    Oh it would feel SO good to be able to say that to people. I think one day I am gonna do it, just fuck the world and say what I feel like saying. Nearly everyone I work with does it so why shouldn’t I?

    I understand your frustration YouFollowMe, in order to restore balance I promise to be a dick to some random person today just to offset your experience….I’ll even post the experience here.

    Also, that is one reason SOS and “The Forum” must stick around, its like therapy for all of us……


    it happens, and will certainly happen more. You can’t really fight them, so it’s best to just annoy them. You should have followed him with “Good round Sir? Did you show ’em how it’s done?” This would have totally worked because with an attitude like that you know something went wrong, and you get the bonus of being able to claim you were being friendly.


    You might see me on the news one day — really, there’s nothing more infuriating to me (other than a mother that can’t handle her three fucking children so, hey, going out in public’s a good idea) is condescending pricks like this. Not enough strife in this one’s life — sir, maybe if you gave back a little — to a charity, to the poor, maybe even to someone who works for you — maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t feel like shit all the time and decide to take it out on someone that is there to help you, someone who’s there every day taking shit from a hundred other rich pricks, maybe you’d have a thing reach up and slap you in the face called humanity, dignity, humility — maybe someone would want to be around you for another reason other than the fact that you might have some money — maybe I wouldn’t decide to take this club with nails in it and bludgeon your head, watching all of the blood leave the 6-inch long cuts in your face as you beg for help.

    Sorry — I told you all that you might see me on the news someday — maybe today.


    😆 Man, I was hoping you’d be famous for some other reason Rob but if that’s what it takes you have to follow your dream dude.

    That sucks that you had to deal with that load of shit-eating assface Andrew but the story did make me think of all those things that seem fun at first, until they’re your job. Like, driving golf carts around (when it’s not raining at least) seems like a pretty relaxing and even fun thing to have as part of your job, and maybe it was when you first started working there, but how long does it take before the novelty wears off.

    Construction has some of those same kind of things, like messing with scissor platforms and powder actuated fastening systems, or even the good ol’ compressed air or gas driven nailguns, that when you’re new to it are pretty cool to work with but at some point they become just another tool. If I’m on a domestic site and the client or a supplier is a youngish guy they always want to fire a few rounds with the nailgun, it’s like a cool toy to them just like it was to me at first.

    Anyway, sorry to hijack the thread, rant away gentlemen.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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