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Wait – This you gotta try

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Wait – This you gotta try

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    Ok, so maybe I am behind on the times, and I have actually done this before, but I stumbled across something very funny and can only lead to more funny things.

    Step one: Go to http://www.altavista.com
    Step two: Click on Babelfish Translator at the bottom
    Step three: Type in “I’m a bad ass mother fucker”
    Step four: Choose Translate from English to Spanish
    Step five: Copy the message in the new language and paste it in the box provided.
    Step six: Choose Translate from Spanish to English
    Step seven: Read “I am badly to fucker of the mother of the ass” and laugh heartily

    It gets even funnier if you translate from English to Spanish then to French and then back to English. The more you add the funnier it gets. Also try multiple translators. (I’m just too lazy to switch translators in the middle of doing something this mindless)

    Let me know your feedback or if you’ve done this before. I say post your best transformations!



    If you translated into a language like Chinese, and someone said, “Hey, read the translated version for me,” you’d have to say, “Sure. Uh, symbol symbol symbol, symbol symbol, uh, symbol.”


    You are right in thinking it has been done before. It’s even funnier to hear someone do a dramatic reading of the results; there’s a google video out there where they preform a play, babelfish translate it to french and preform it again, then finally preform the babelfish-french-english translation.


    Let us all thank Douglas Adams for “Babelfish.” Anyone as big a fan as me?



    Bigger fan than you.

    All 5 hitchhikers

    both dirk gently

    last chance to see

    the meaning of liff

    the deeper meaning of liff

    the salmon of doubt

    young zaphod plays it safe

    starship titanic

    that short story about the reagan

    procol harum

    the beatles

    the hitchhiker radio show

    the hitchhiker bbc tv show


    evangelical athiest

    good day sir.


    Wow, I have not heard of at least half of those. I’ve read the ‘trilogy’ and Young Zaphod… I avoided the BBC TV show because I heard it sucked. I never got around to the Dirk Gently stuff, but what the heck is the rest of that stuff?


    Last chance to see, is a non fiction book about endangered animals, the liff books are dictionary’s of made up words and meanings, the salmon of doubt is his collected unfinished works and some letters. Starship titanic was written by one of the Monty python guys, based on one line in one of the hitchhikers books, and is also a game. h2g2 is a website. Procol Harum was his favorite band, along with the Beatles.
    People didnt believe him when he said he was an athiest, so he started saying he was an evangelical athiest, kinda like a really enthuiastic athiest.

    Good day sir.

    I also have, The Hitchhikers Guide, Live in Concert. Which is him, at a small club, reading excerpts from his books for about 2 hours.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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