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    Obviously I’m looking forward to the Indy movie, but I was peeking around at some stuff (good and bad) and just wanted to see what others are excited about coming down the pipe.

    The Happening
    Yeah, he always makes the same movie, but does it really stop being good? Yeah, I’m looking forward to this one. Bonus points for an early ragtop Beetle on the movie poster.

    This movie will probably be a mediocre popcorn flick, but I like the idea of the hero that’s out of favor with the public. I like that he’s taking for granted what he can do, and not really valuing anyone else… great start. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with it.

    The Incredible Hulk
    Dunno, I just dunno. But he looks pretty kick ass in those last few shots. I expect this will be about as good as a Spiderman sequel.

    I don’t expect this will really be my thing, but provided they don’t overdo it during the course of the movie, I think they’ve got the right look and presentation for the “found footage” scenario that I think just wasn’t solid for Cloverfield. On the other hand, this movie will probably wind up being Cloverfield meets Blair Witch meets some other crap horror flick you can pick out of the barrel of trash. But I like the digital degradation present in the trailer.

    Tropic Thunder
    Yeah, this will be crap. I’ll agree, but how the hell can you not think the Downey bit is funny almost every time he’s onscreen?

    Bangkok Dangerous
    Typical Hollywood 16-week action… but am I the only one that will watch any decent quality Assassin film and look forward to it? I just like Assassin movies I guess.

    Zombie Strippers
    This movie so badly wants to be a bad to be art movie… but it will super suck. I has to. Really.

    I’m still not sick of the superhero movies, this movie’s technology development looks like it will overtake the character story, but it still might be fun to watch once.

    Any others? I’m sure I missed some obvious ones.


    With Iron Man, the reviews have said that Robert Downey, Jr.’s the reason to watch it, because he’s so damn good. And it marks the first time Marvel was on their own making a movie — no producer-stiffs to fuck things up.

    Speed Racer — I think it looks like peppered ass, but every early review I’ve read just cums all over it. One even said that this is the movie that redeems the last two Matrix movies, and that the Wachowskis have still got it. Yeah, just don’t know. Kinda interested after I read the reviews, but I think it still looks like Turkish asscream.

    X-Files 2: I Still Like UFO Shit — I so want this movie to just kick my ass and call me names, but I somehow am very cautious about it, like it could also be, in fact, ass. But I really want it to rock.

    Get Smart — cautiously optimistic, but looks strangely like an asscake.

    Wall-E — definitely looking forward to this one. Pixar hasn’t made a assish movie yet. Cars was very eh, but far from bad, so this is probably the one sure-fire hit.

    Hellboy II — I know you’re not a fan, Bryan, but I quite like the first Hellboy, so here’s to hoping that II isn’t an asstrickle.

    The Dark Knight — I’m already buying it, no matter how much assmongery is in it. Nah, come on, who’s not looking forward to this?

    Step Brothers — Yeah, I know Will Ferrell does the same thing all the time, but I still think our John Cougar Mellencamp/21B shit’s funny, so get off my back, you bunch of assberries!

    Star Wars Clone Wars Ass Wars — could be ass, or it could be asstastic!!

    Pineapple Express — looks funny. Kinda. ASS ASS ASS!

    Ergo, the word of the day is ass. Don’t know why, don’t ask.


    I’m looking forward to a lot of these. I’m really curious as to how Hellboy II is going to be. I liked the first enough to buy it, especially considering I love the whole Cthulhu overtones, so I certainly hope the next one is good.


    Fuck Speed Racer
    Fuck this movie in it’s ass with an ass-shaped device of some sort. I seriously doubt I’ll like it at all.

    X-Files 2
    Eh. I’ll just pretend it doesn’t exist so that maybe I’ll have the pleasure of being surprised. I don’t expect to e.

    I’m looking forward to this movie probably more than any others.

    Get Smart
    I expect this to be funny, Hollywood shit, but funny.

    I am looking forward to the Dark Knight, but if I don’t talk about it, I won’t be excited about it. I really want to love it… but need to wait.

    I think Step Brothers will be funny enough, Semi-Pro was… same character, so fucking what. It’s a funny character at least.


    I’ll tell you one movie that I’m really not looking forward to, and that’s the new Mike-Myers-Pretends-to-be-an-Indian-Austin-Powers-But-Not-As-Funny-And-Not-Even-Particularly-Indian movie.


    I dunno..it’s not like Mike Meyers to try the same formula over and over and over and over until puking ensues.


    Yes it is. It’s exactly like that.

    El Rustirino

    Hellboy, Dark Knight, Indy, others


    No not Mike Meyers, not Shrek and Wayne or the oscar worthy performance in The Cat in the Hat.



    Hey guys — Bryan and I were talking about Hancock and how it looked pretty cool — well, here’s the link to two trailers, the new one attached to Iron Man, and one that the MPAA didn’t approve.



    I think I may be able to like this movie. 🙂


    I saw the unapproved trailer on TV while watching some other show, so I’m not exactly sure how they can say it’s not being shown places. It was exactly the same as the unapproved one they’re showing on the net.

    But either way, I’m actually really looking forward to this one.


    One thing I’ve learned.

    Most movie trailers will show the best bits from a movie, the rest is pretty lame.

    Word of mouth is the best judgement of a movie, provided they don’t give the plot away.

    If it doesn’t work, jam a screwdriver in there and jiggle it about.


    Or said mouth isn’t full and hard to understand.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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