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Today’s musical guest …

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Today’s musical guest …

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    Okay, so you all know my musical tastes are all over the map (I listen to just about everything). Right now, I’m listening to this guy named Marc Broussard. He hails from Louisiana and I’m really digging his stuff. Kinda soulful, powerfully and original. He has one CD out now (Carencro – name of the town he’s from in La.) and has one on the way called S.O.S. (which, if you’re into the whole torrent thing, can be found online now).

    Anyway, give him a chance if you’re into that sort of thing. If for nothing else, you’ve got to listen to his song “Home,” a video of which you can find on YouTube. That song if fuggin’ awesome.

    Okay, there’s my two cents for the day..

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