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tired of damn fish

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tired of damn fish

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    Is deadliest catch the only fucking program on Discovery channel anymore!?!?!?!

    I mean for fuck’s sake this thing is on every time I change the damn channel.


    Put Mythbusters back on you girly fags…I wanna see Kari not some douchebag talking about how much the boat stinks.


    I don’t watch TV. I don’t have time. Or the desire. Movies, man. Movies. And boobies.

    El Rustirino

    I’m with Bing here.

    But I also like Cash Cab.


    Dude, I am writing this as I am watching the Deadliest Catch; good show. Its just promotion/marketing shit to get ready for the new season. The marthron will probably end today. This show is better that fucking Idol and Survior.

    With your high speed, aren’t you looking up sexy pics of Kari Bryon. Which by the way the new episode of Mythbusters is in Alaska.

    Rusty, you must be kidding with the Cash Cab, that fucking sucks. They should replace that with American Chopper instead having that show on that fucking girly channel TLC.

    Everytime I put that channel on, they always have some remodel/remake house with people that don’t know shit.


    MythBusters is good stuff. Whenever I’m flipping through the channels just looking for something to watch for five minutes and it’s on, I always get sucked in.

    El Rustirino

    No, I actually like Cash Cab.


    I had forgotten about American Chopper, those guys were great when they were fighting.

    And Rob if you’d quit whackin it you would see what I mean.

    The high speed is great for catching up on old Kenny vs Spenny shows.

    I thought all cabs took cash…………..


    Deadliest Catch = the suck
    Cash Cab = return of the suck
    American Chopper (now) = predictable suck
    Mythbusters (now) = starting to suck

    Sorry guys, people only think she’s hot because she’s not an ugly geek. Oh, I’m sure if she lived on my street I’d take a look when she’s watching her car, but having her on the show is like this forced (oh we gotta get a geek hot chick) BS, and I think it detracts from what I like about the show. I also think that the show is too much rehearsed explanation now, and not enough busting action.

    How it’s Made is the show I get sucked into on the Discovery / Discovery Science. It’s like those goofy elementary school films done correctly. But pretty much I just pop around the cable channels to find movies I want to watch.

    TLC = good ideas that have turned into marketing pollution


    Ladies and Gentlemen that was the Captain. Thank you for coming, please put the trays in the upright position. Get ready for the Captain’s opinions on Dirty Jobs, Smash Lab, FutureWeapons and the infamous Man vs Wild.


    The captain says, no smoking. Rob.


    can we smoke poles?


    All I know is that my favorite shows are slowly starting to come to an end. They are as follows:

    Jericho (already canceled, maybe)
    Scrubs (not coming back to NBC, but starting to lose the funny)
    Battlestar Galactica (two down, eight to go for this year, then, what, 10 next year and that’s it?)
    The Shield (only one more season, and that’ll probably only be like 4 episodes)

    So, to recap, good shows get axed, but something with David Spade gets renewed many, many times? I’ll never understand people.


    One, I hope The Shield is more than four hopefully 10. And second, we have the Star Wars TV 3-D coming this fall.

    And David Spade, that’s a mystery.


    Why can’t deadliest catch haul in an old, unstable, world war two mine.

    Now that would be a deadly catch, watch the fuckers dive over the side 😀

    If it doesn’t work, jam a screwdriver in there and jiggle it about.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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