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This never happened on a date before …

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This never happened on a date before …

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    Okay, so I’m spending the day with my new lady friend (I know, I think she’s either really desperate or blind, one of the two). After dinner, we decide to go see a movie. Absolutely nothing worth anything is playing. She decides on watching Untraceable. Now, I’ve already dropped my suspension of disbelief for this movie after the first trailer, simply because you can say a lot of technical IT stuff in the movies, but it doesn’t mean you’re making any sense.

    Anyway, I digress … so the movie’s about two-thirds finished when the little strobe lights start going off. I thought it was weird, but I also thought if something was wrong, they’d shut off the movie and tell everyone to get out. No big deal. But the lights kept fucking flashing. And they were bright, too, but I didn’t want to get up because … well … I was comfortable. About five minutes after the lights started blinking, this big guy comes in the theater and says, “All right, movie’s over. It’s an emergency. You all are being evacuated.”

    So everyone gets up and walks out. In the center of the AMC was this huge group of people just kind of hanging around, not knowing what was going on. So we just kinda stood there. Everyone started walking out quickly, however, when three firefighters dressed in firefighting gear showed up. Of course, everyone made a bee-line to the ticket office, which of course, we did, too. After a lot of pushing, shoving, cussing in Spanish (I thought I had left Texas) we get up to the front where the guy just hands us a refund in cash. No movie tickets, no “here, take this for your troubles,” nothing. Just the $18 ($9 per ticket).

    As many movies as I’ve seen in my lifetime in the theaters (and trust me, that’s a LOT), I’ve never had this happen before. Anyone else ever run into this before?

    FYI, the firefighters were leaving as we were, so I asked one of them what exactly was it? Was it a fire or false alarm? “False alarm,” he said, looking all the while like someone interrupted something very important and/or special back at the firehouse..


    I’ve actually had it happen 2 times. One of them, the movie resumed after a few minutes, and we still got our $ back.


    I thought you were gonna tell us she had a seizure or someshit…..

    As long as YOU didn’t start screaming and crying I guess the date was still a success….

    spanish huh? I ain’t learning that shit. This is AMERICA the language is ENGLISH…..(well in the south its based on english anyway)….do the latinos in the south have a redneck accent in their speech?

    I know the asians in the area do have a strange twang to their speech but …….

    What ethnic group should I insult next?

    NBLIANGW to all peoples of all colors….except green..I fucking hate those green colored people.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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