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The power of the future……..

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The power of the future……..

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    TODAY all yours for three easy installments of $29.99!
    Robby generator!


    Also in your package you will get:

    Nutty Mcscuzzy ball sack defunker
    Cunt-B-gone PMS pills
    Anus deplugger gloves

    The official Rob from switched on CHICKEN IN THE BUTT sex tape with the one and only Rob from switched on taking a 12LBS live rooster up the rectum! In HD!

    (sorry if this is a repost.)


    I’m gonna say it —

    That’s the best first post ever.


    Yeah, I’ve been waiting for your first post, and I gotta agree with Rob. That’s a bar-setter if I’ve ever seen one. Great stuff!


    Oh, and I clicked on the ‘home’ button above to see what ad I’d get… same one. Multiple times too. How has Rob become so relevant with Google for the production of electricity? Have they only now started to believe that laughter is more powerful than scream?


    Thanks Rob! Thanks Bryan!

    I just have this vision of a giant wind turbine looking thing that is in the shape of Robs’ head and when wind hits the blades (his teeth) they turn and begin making a 100db laugh that is channeled into a cone into some sort of converter that takes the vibrations and makes it into raw energy this way its pulling twice the work, you have both a wind charger and the Patient laugh generator.

    (Side effects include: diarrhea, erectile dysfunction, bleeding eyes, chickens appearing in your butt, AIDS, homosexuality, the clap, and weird stories from blockbuster and spirt.)

    (Side note I might Photoshop up the Cunt-B-gone pills. If any one else would like to see a Photoshop of any of the other ones I listed let me know and I will try to get around to them.)


    I love you Masturbates With Poo. I know I must’ve said that sentence at least 43 times a day for the last 17 years but this time I really mean it.

    I would like to see any and all photoshop shenanigans you can dream up.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    @rob 40332 wrote:

    I’m gonna say it —

    That’s the best first post ever.

    not only best post, but best user name ever.

    My essence still senses Bucho's women.


    But what if you ate something gritty, like a lot of fiber.


    [Nebraskan accent]Y’all to kind.[/Nebraskan accent]

    And I will get on the photoshop stuff. Fuck, finding a Midol box that is clean is a royal bitch. But I am sure I can find one if I scour google enough.


    the fuck is this shit?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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