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Switchedonshow.com is no more

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Switchedonshow.com is no more

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    El Rustirino

    So I assume Bryan sent this to everyone here, but I’ll just post it here for posterity.

    Bryan wrote:
    Alright everyone, let’s slow down for a moment. I’ll give you the short version of what happened, where we are and what we think we’ll be doing about it.

    Here’s the LONG response I’ve got.

    What happened?
    Well, it looks like the reminder tools (as well as the auto-renew feature) were not working for either the account I have that manages the domain, or with this domain directly. I talked to someone about 13 days ago (10 days before this all happened) and they just told me it was going to cost more and so on. I debated it with them, but ultimately, it was in my best interest to wait until payday. The guy didn’t warn about the upcoming point of no return.

    Anyway, as you all noticed last week while waiting for the appropriate day for me, the domain was lost and immediately went to someone using the “backorder” feature that many domain registrars now offer. Domainly.com is in the business of auctioning off domains, and obviously a great deal of the money they make comes from people in our situation that are willing to pay the price.

    I had a lot of support issues with GoDaddy and how they handled things. In the end, I used the contact the president’s office feature, and call a phone call back later in the evening from someone working those complaints. He was willing to do everything he could, including buy me a new domain, credit some hosting for some attitude issues I experienced and such. But the one thing they could not do is get the domain back. So I contacted Domainly.com and they said “sorry to hear that” we can sell it back to you for about $300 plus renewals.

    What do we do?
    As all of this was occurring the three of us talked a lot about SOS’s place in our daily/weekly/monthly lives and what we are really involved in at this point. We came to the conclusion that the site hosting and domain are worth while at their minimal cost only, since we don’t do frequent shows, and we certainly are not at our peak subscription levels. So we’ve opted not to buy the domain back. Even with our great listeners offering to chip in and do this and that… it’s not worth it. Not really.

    IF listeners or family/friends chip in, we can salvage something with the original feeds and all that jazz. But it (intended or not) always creates a sense of ownership with those people, and ultimately stands the chance of obligating us to do something we are not willing to always do, or keep doing forever. I’ve been through this before, and even my “friends” or participants with the best of intentions turned on me when I quit doing for them. People who chipped in $10 18 months prior to my getting out, flipped out and called me a thief… blah, blah blah. If you’ve listened a long time, you know what I’m talking about. So I’m not comfortable with costs associated with hosting or domains coming from anywhere but the show hosts directly.

    Bring it back to life with a new domain?
    This may not serve to be useful, as our main source of traffic, iTunes, is not updatable. So the old feed would die, and we’d have to start over. I’ve build a listener base once, and with everything else we’ve got going (new baby, VW stuff) I’m just not wiling to half commit to doing it again. So that’s out.

    This is the best option. Let’s all face it. A few random shows hasn’t really stopped switched:ON from being ‘over’. It was fun, it was a great run, but it’s unlikely to return to it’s former glory. Making stuff available somewhere is about the best we can do at this point without getting too involved in the project.

    Solving several problems
    I needed to get my domain going again, digital portfolio, place to hosting other projects and such. So, I’ve pointed my domain to the hosting account containing the whole SOS site. So for now http://www.bryancastles.com will give you the entire site, as it was. Feeds, board, gallery… all of it. A number of things need to be updated to work properly, but the board is basically working now, and you can use it.

    Moving foward
    I’ll be changing the front of the site. I’ve got other uses for it that I need to start to put in place, so you’ll see a few changes that might break your bookmarks and such. If you see a bookmark failure, just go to the front page of the site and see what’s happened. Major updates will be sent out via the email features built into the board.

    We really appreciate everyone’s support on all of this, but we just want to get some minimal functionality back, without too much effort. At any rate, we should still have a daily place to bullshit on the boards. Whatever they become, I expect to leave them there until there is a good reason not to.


    switched:ON Show


    So, this basically kills what little chance there was of any revival. This domain bullshit happened at the worst possible time.

    In any case, I just wanna thank Bryan for hosting this on his personal domain. I was thinking about this last night, and I was wondering about maybe something like switchedonshow.net. I’m just thinking out loud, though.

    Again, thanks.[/quote]


    If anyone is actually here, they got that email goofy. 🙂

    Any domain is as good as any other, but I have other goals I need to accomplish right now. It made more sense for me to put it on this domain where I can keep the things I need to right out front, rather than try to steer people away from SOS to my personal stuff (if I were hosting it all on a SOS related domain name.


    I must say I had a mini freak out when I went to switchedonshow.com and something else popped up. The timing really sucks, but I appreciate you guys keeping the forum and the archive alive.


    Looks like we’re back to normal — not a new post all day.


    …………. new post …………..


    Watch for another switch-up in domain names. I’m purchasing a new domain for my freelance stuff, and will be piggy-backing SOS content there. I’ll be using my name for jooohhhb sertchin’ in the very immediate future. So I don’t want prospectives to run across this and make a judgement on me, ya know?


    You’re having to look for a new job?


    Having to? No. But why wait for that, right?

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