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Star Wars Comic (New)

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Star Wars Comic (New)

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    Anyone heard anything more about this? I think it is going to be called Legacy and will be 150 years after Endor. Main character will be a “Cade Skywalker” and the story will deal with the galaxy after decades of war (clone war , rebellion , Vong..)

    Sounds sah-weet but I have no clue when it comes out.

    I think it is an attempt to make SW a darker more character driven Sci-Fi thing. (I’m guessing a little more like the new Battlestar Galactica…….speaking of which……Starbuck needs to get naked……..ah-hight I’ma go squeeze one out to Katee Sackhoff)


    Starbuck does need to get naked but we don’t need any more crap about the fucking Skywalkers. Fuck those whiny bastards. The only character who needs more stories is HAN SOLO the True Hero of Star Wars.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    Or if they were to start a new series, it would be better off as a completely unrelated story. None of the main charachters or their relatives. Hell, it could be on the other side of the galaxy for all I care. Or better yet, they could just skip it altogether and continue the clone wars cartoons.

    I like titties.


    The article I read was from this months Insider Magazine. I got the impression that the biggest story was going to be the repercussions of having lived in a galaxy that has been at war for the entire lives of the main characters.

    I’m actually looking forward to the character of Cade, I think this is a chance to make SW dangerous and exciting again.

    My best guess is Cade will be very Han Solo-ish and much less whiny than the other Skywalkers.

    ..or maybe everyone else hates the idea. I can get used to that too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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