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spoiler free transformers 2 review

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spoiler free transformers 2 review

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    let me start with the fact that i loved the first transformers movie. i know it was a mindless summer popcorn action movie but i don’t care. it tapped into something deep in my psyche and i can watch it in whole or in part without getting bored. i just love it.

    okay, part 2. i liked it (a lot) but didn’t love it. if you loved part 1 you will at least like this one. if you didn’t care for 1 you should probably stay away from 2. 2 is 1 on steroids times 10. there is a lot going on all the time.

    as a fan of the old comics and cartoons there is a lot to like (but for those not familiar with the transformers universe i’m sure there will be quite a few WTF moments), but man when i left the show i felt worn out. it is an audio/visual bombardment like you have never experienced before.

    the main villain didn’t feel that threatening and the final “death match” between the hero and villain seemed too brief compared to some of the others in the movie.

    there you go, the movie is what it is. i’m sure no one will go into it not knowing what to expect. in my opinion, star trek is still the best action movie i’ve seen this year. i watched star trek twice, i probably will not go see transformers 2 again.

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    I thought the final fight was oddly short as well, If Michael Bay had shaved about 15 mins of slow motion running (no joke..I actually heard someone say “Come on, enough with the running” at one point) he would have had time for a more satisfying ending.

    I guess that’s the best way to describe it…its a Michael Bay movie, and you should know that means you are getting that type of visual event. The man has made some good shit (like The Rock) but his vision in his movies is all the same.

    And to stress my main gripe is to repeat that slow motion running can be cool, but its a tricky line, too much (and this is WAY too much) is boring, unsatisfying, and even a little annoying.

    I am a Transformer fan from back when the toys were first introduced. No one has more affection for these characters and this franchise than me. The animated movie from the 80’s is pure cheese but as a kid it floored me, Bay tries some of the same tricks here and almost gets a few right, before his style ruins the moment.

    My favorite line…
    “Oh that hurt….it’s an ass-whupping, it’s supposed to hurt”
    and that’s the movie

    Oh that’s overdone…It’s a Michael Bay movie, its supposed to be overdone


    i forgot about all the slo-mo running near the end.

    whole audience cracked up at the “it’s supposed to hurt” line. that was pretty funny.

    *****mild spoiler*****

    but that also reminds me that those two bots came real close to being the jar-jar binks of transformers. i thought they were much more enjoyable as the ice cream truck.

    My essence still senses Bucho's women.


    i wanted to revisit this now that its out. i enjoyed it much more at home. its not as overwhelming. but mainly i just wanted to say that i really appreciate the amazing work offered by not only ILM but Digital Domain. this movie is an intense feast for the eyes.

    My essence still senses Bucho's women.


    I thought that the finishes on the ‘bots were two liquid looking for this movie. There was just not that much for me to like this time around. At least they looked like they were really in the physical world.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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