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SOS breaks new ground = The Subconscience

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SOS breaks new ground = The Subconscience

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    The reigning kings of podcasting the SOS’ers have moved into new territory, you can now experience the goodness of SOS in your dreams!!!!

    All you have to do is fall asleep listening to SOS and you too can have your very own personalized SOS dream!

    In the head of yours truly last night the trio were broadcasting from an abandoned old shed and Brian was talking about his new pet goat (who was also present) and Rob was a skinny guy with all the humor one would expect from him, laugh included. Our man Jerry was a politician running on a campaign promise for an SOS spinoff that would include old tape recordings of him and Bryan from their childhood with an emphasis on jumping off bunkbeds.

    Now usually I prefer my dreams to feature myself and several dozen oiled up cheerleaders on trampolines….but last night it was SOS instead, thankfully everyone stayed clothed and no trampolines could be found….

    …..aren’t we ALL glad for that..

    Still sane in Redneckville


    I think they already got to me with this. I had a dream a couple weeks ago where I was at school, and Bryan walked by. I was like “Bryan! It’s me, YouFollowMe! C’mon buddy!” But he just walked past me. So I tried again:”Hey! Bryan! Chicken in the butt? Midsection?” Still, he didn’t respond. That was a sad dream.


    Bryan told me about that — yeah, that was real, dude.


    The only time I ever fell asleep with the headmuffs on was in a hotel room in Melbourne about two minutes before, “LOOK OUT FOR THAT TRUCK!!!” It still kills me that out of 200+ hours of SOS that was the single moment I fell asleep during a show.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    It was by design… 😀


    It was the only show I’ve listened to while I was chilling out like that too, usually I’m on the road or at work or doing some chores or something so there’s no way I’d drift off like that. The best thing is that I backed the show up a few minutes and did the exact same thing again. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.

    Version3 wrote:
    It was by design… 😀

    Intelligently designed to use the memories of our collective subcontious to make us explode with laughter(you can quote me on that) afterall;

    Bing wrote:
    Actually Rusty is Frank

    And Frank is El Nacho

    El Nacho is Armez

    Armez is Bing

    Frank is Bing

    Bing is Bing

    And me and Rusty are basically the same person…

    Proving Sigmund Freud right…Armez

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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