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SOS-175 – The SOS Sound

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SOS-175 – The SOS Sound

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    Foley artists, Ben Burtt, extreme temperatures, find the object, interviews, sports sayings, UFC, Bo Burnham, long Star Wars talk, Rick Star, mic test, smoking, Superman II talk, mini-show, traffic talk, end

    2:34:46 | Click Here if this is the only damn way you can use modern technology



    Damn it! I didn’t spot this download until I had already made my playlist for tomorrow….which involves deleting the listened to shows from today’s playlist, converting all the new downloaded podcast files into “audiobook” format and then adding them to any remaining unlistened to shows from todays playlist.

    “BUT!!”, I can here you ask, “Why convert to them into audiobooks? If you leave them in the podcast format, they will delete themselves once listened to!?”

    To which I answer, “I have to convert to Audiobook so that my iPod Classic will play them at the higher speed setting….This way, I can get 25% more listening in. Every hour gives me 1hour and 15minutes of podcasts……I AM the master of time!!!”

    So, show 175 will be on Thurdays playlist….near the top! And is actually only about 2hours long….although the music sounds funny….And for fucks sake, never play the Chipmunks……My ears may just explode!

    It may not be 25% either…I think it is….sounds like it



    extra points for going to the wayback machine and pulling out the Kenner® branding. awesome.

    My essence still senses Bucho's women.


    This makes me happier than a drawerful of antelopes.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    I like that.


    But not as horrifying as a croc filled with the buggers!



    I am downloading this using the Internet.

    Edit: I’m partway through listening, I’m to the part where you’re talking about the UFC and the interesting accessories they should have to wear. They should have a rule where after two minutes if there isn’t a winner yet, they throw a huge pink rubber dildo into the ring.


    The Star Wars talk was really interesting. I listened to episode 65 yesterday (i’m pretty sure it was 65) and the Star Wars conversation started on that episode in nearly an identical way that it started in this one…Really weird that I listened to that just the day before!!

    “You’ve never heard of the Millenium Falcon”

    **shrugs** “uh-huh”

    Even down to the “Well who’s gonna fly it kid, you?”

    “You bet I could. I’m not such a bad pilot!”



    So that either says that there is endless funny built into the Star Wars universe, or we have a very limited comedic vocabulary.


    Hey….funny is funny. Both times around! It’s just a sign that you got it right back then and are still getting it right….

    Also, a good example of how a single line of dialogue will instantly bring to mind a host of the follow up lines.

    It was just a fluke that I had listened to an episode the day before that just happened to introduce the Star Wars chatter with the same line from the movie script as this latest episode…



    Yeah, I haven’t even seen any of the films since you guys did the last commentary but I always love the Star Wars stuff. I really loved what Jerry was saying about how to him the Star Wars scenes are like set pieces you can enter and mess arounnd in comedically by taking any aspect of the dialogue or character or even minor background details and begin to just riff freestyle on them.

    Same with the job interview setting. Any time the show swings toward that subject I brace myself for potential rib damage due to laughter.

    And speaking of rib damage I also really dug the MMA discussion. I remember a while back you saying you didn’t enjoy it because of the wrestling influence Bryan but I must have misunderstood your point at the time. I thought you were saying you didn’t enjoy how the martial art of wrestling had become somewhat dominant in MMA in recent times over the other arts like striking and jiu-jitsu, leading to that tedious lay-and-pray point fighting strategy a few guys had employed successfully. I didn’t get that you meant pro wrestling.

    I’ve always thought tournament/bracket fighting is good for the drama but it doesn’t necessarily produce a true champion, especially when it’s a one-night event like K1 or like the UFC was in the beginning. You can get a final where one guy has fought two full length bouts to make the final versus another guy who got quick finishes in his fights and is still very fresh. Spreading it over a couple of months works pretty well and an organisation like Bellator is really good at it, although their format is to produce the challenger for their reigning champion, which comes with its own flaws.

    I get what Jerry says about it being weird to watch to shirtless, sweaty guys getting all skin-on-skin too. At first, coming at MMA from being a muay thai fan, I had a quite similar view of wrestling and no-gi ground fighting, but after a while you just start to understand and appreciate the art of that type of battle and the weirdness disappears.

    Until Dennis Hallman loses a bet that is.


    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    Ground fighting. That always starts with getting lubed up, doesn’t it?


    Only if you lose.


    Is that when the special music starts too? And the glitter?


    I’ll just leave these extended show notes here for now.

    (bs = behind scenes)

    00000 Foley artists
    00333 Indiana Jones sound effects
    00512 Filming backgrounds
    00837 Ben Burtt
    01048 Jerry’s foley intern
    01342 Sound science – iPad Garageband
    — “Why don’t you go hollow out your dog so you can play fiddle with it you fuckin’ dick!”
    01734 Rob hates hot climate
    02211 bs
    03030 Dopey sportsmen interviews
    03408 UFC homoeroticism & interviews
    03719 The UFC
    04432 The R Word
    04626 The UFC
    05104 Peace competitions
    05349 Alternative UFC advertising
    05605 Bo or Beau Burnham
    05629 Look this up – NO
    05804 Bo or Beau Burnham on Conan
    10421 Silly noises
    10510 STAR WARS Hoth riffs
    11103 SW bs
    11231 SW FX-7 explained
    11321 SW Cantina sounds
    11534 bs SOS Raiders commentary
    11718 Weird Food Combo Champions Belt
    11937 SW C3PO (segues from previous)
    — “Richard Drefus?” [Bryan explosion]
    12530 SW The Dude as Uncle Lars
    12754 SW Chewy & bathroom riffs
    13114 SW Urgency in the hanger
    13232 SW Tarkin with OCD
    13420 SW Tarkin the fabricator artist
    13834 SW Imagined deleted scenes
    13921 SW The Cantina bathroom
    14013 SW Pottery & Jedi fashion
    14138 SW Gore
    14420 SW Cool light saber moves
    14612 SW Obi Wan’s disappear tactic
    14830 SW bs
    14925 SW Bocce on the resume
    14845 Rick Star
    15119 SW Bocce resume cont.
    15257 Bank riffs
    15655 bs
    20022 [mob] SW bs
    20212 [mob] SW Set pieces-Dirty Dancing
    20727 [mob]
    21014 Movie talk & voices
    21322 bs Rob solo shows
    21648 Rob & April road rage
    21855 Bryan road rage
    22308 Dealing with road ragers
    22420 Bumper stickers
    22629 bs and Outro

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.

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