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So, what is up with Demonoid?

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So, what is up with Demonoid?

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    I know the Canadian equivalent to the RIAA has forced Demonoid to shut down, but is it down for good or are they trying to get everything back up and running?.


    According to torrentscan.com, the tracker is still up, and the site should return at some point. They’ve just lost their server.


    Hmm, I’ve been trying to register there for awhile, but they have the registration closed. Hopefully when they get the site back up…


    They’ll come back up at some point.

    thx… you need to have someone who is a member get you a code.


    This sucks, I had my quota almost at 100 percent and I could always find really good, reliable and trustworthy stuff there. And if something was amiss, the folks there should would let others know about it.

    Fantastic. I’ve got a friend of mine who wanted me to see if I could find a bootleg of the “The Police” Charlotte concert a few days ago (like I did with the Van Halen concert) and I can’t find it anywhere. *sigh* I’ll keep looking, though.


    Yeah you know you can deliver that shit anytime now Vagrant!


    Rumors and legends speak of Demonoid’s return tho…

    Couldn’t be soon enough, all these other torrents sites like The Pirate Bay, have the worst torrents I have EVAR seen.

    They all have like 3 seeds and 49,032 leeches. It sucks….

    Just need to be patient…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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