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    WTF was with the christmas carols?

    Who were you talkin to when Rob, and Jerry were talking about StarWars? (something about mailboxes) I’m thinking it was Derek (sp?)

    Too bad for nothing at the ending..


    Christmas Carols? I don’t remember that.

    I was talking to some guys from work, they were sitting in front of us, and yeah I was also talking to my oldest kiddo Derryk.

    Yeah, Rob really wanted to leave and then I spent a long time finding out that one of the other people that came, is the little sister of some guys I went to school with. It was more than boring, and didn’t make the ‘quick show’.

    Don’t fool yourself though, this was NOT show 101.


    The new intro is awesome. Hearing it in 100 part 3 was cool but hearing it out in front like this gives it more power.

    “I like being fucked by aliens and probed over and over quite a bit.”

    I’ve heard music made from the sounds of someones ass before except it wasn’t the kind of machine Bryan was talking about, it was Michael Bolton (rimshot).

    Pussy is one of my favourite words. Iggy Pop’s Pussy Walk is one of the greatest songs ever written. The word that makes me feel like I’m in a porno is “action”. Friggin flashbacks.

    Hearing Rob’s story about his ma and sis in-laws theories on the end of the world I was imagining his expression, that would have been hilarious. He’s thinking, “faaaark dude”, but he’s trying not to show it. I wonder if they were just fucking with you though. Like the whole time they’ve got this scam to make you believe they are the way they are and when you’re gone they’re like, “did you see the expression on his face,” slapping their knees and laughing their asses off. “I had to pinch myself to stop from bursting out laughing.”

    Wait a minute … why have the crickets all gone quiet … ?

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    Bucho, I wish that were so. If they are pulling my leg, they haven’t once cracked in 7 and a half years.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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