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Short stories to movies

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Short stories to movies

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    I know I mentioned this on the show at some point, and I know for sure that I’ve mentioned it several times to Rob and Jerry… those couple of twilight zone episodes that I always wanted to be remade for movies.

    One is called “A Small Talent for War” and involves aliens that come to kill us all, because of this small talent. Our leaders beg for a chance at doing things right, and are granted like 3 days or something. We all hammer out this huge peace treaty, then present it to the aliens who laugh at us. They bred us to be warriors and we weren’t good enough at it. So they kill humanity.

    The other, was one I had trouble recalling at the time, but basically involves people making a wish or being granted good fortune, but someone must die… well, guess what suckas! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0362478/


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