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Selling Derryk’s PSP

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Selling Derryk’s PSP

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    Just thought I’d let you all know… I’ve put Derryk’s (my 13-year-old) PSP up for sale for him, he’s decided he wants a Wii. Anyway, PSP in stock condition (never been flashed or anything) stock accessories, hard aluminum-style (not sure if it’s actual) case, 12v charger, Rengoku, Untold Legends and Stargate (movie) UMDs. There’s a Killzone Liberation sampler in there somewhere too.

    It’s in nice condition, just doesn’t get used much.

    $200 + shipping

    Tell your friends..


    I’m kinda interested, tell me 2 more things:

    1. What memory stick did it come with?

    2.What firmware is it?

    (system setting->system information-> 3 digit number @ bottom)


    sorry it was sold. I should have updated it here.


    I’ll give you $5 for it then……

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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