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RSS Feed Down?

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RSS Feed Down?

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    You can either Ctrl+A then right click and download as zip, or click on the “Download All” button in the top right.

    Let me know when you have it downloaded so I can remove the link

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    The link is down for the time being, if you didnt grab it in time, let me know and I can share it directly with your email so it doesn’t remain public.


    Are you missing any of them Ben, or are you just wanting a copy of the originals. I don’t mind that they are out there somewhere –just don’t want them to be too searchable because of my job, and if I even run for public office one day. 😛


    I’d would definitely want a copy of the originals if you have them, I only have MP3s up to 148 in an old archive somewhere. I converted everything and deleted the originals before I realized it’s better practise to keep the source files, and space is no longer a concern for me for projects like this.

    Here’s a google drive endpoint if it’s easier to dump them to the cloud, or if you bring them up somewhere I can download them:

    I am missing the videos for the shows before 182, I grabbed everything off youtube. I think one of the 140s had a video with the call in show, and maybe one more before 182 (not including the non-show videos). I don’t know if anyone has a copy of those or not since it has been a very long time, but if there is, I’ll be really happy, and add it to the archive.

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    El Rustirino

    Oh shit, I knew I shoulda done this a long time ago.  I was on my way over here to try and remember what you guys called the thing when you would get a bunch of clips from a movie together, play them, and talk about the movie.

    I’d love to get a hold of that archive.  Ben, I sent you a request through Gmail.

    All I can say about the situation is that I hope some day the world gets its shit together and can take a joke again.  You guys were always a light in the dark in that regard, willing to make risky jokes for the sake of comedy.  There will never be another show like Switched:ON.


    I don’t have google storage large enough to hold the mp3s so if you do have them Brian, and want to dump them into a cloud folder, please use this one instead:



Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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