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Rob’s Ratings.

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Rob’s Ratings.

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    I’m curious about what you think about some movies dude, and anyone else on the forum. I’m not saying write an essay (unless you want to, ’cause that’d be cool) but just general impressions. Classics like The Godfather and Jaws for a start, did you think they lived up to their reputations? Also some more recent things like Life Aquatic and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? And I know you would have liked Collateral, but how much? And do you have a favourite director or actors?.

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    Wow. Okay —

    Jaws is way up there on the great movie scale. It showed how a blockbuster movie can be intelligent and also how special effects can be used. Think about how much tension there is in that movie with barely ever seeing the shark. Great stuff.

    The Godfather series is way up there, too. Some say it’s the best — I don’t know about that, but it’s damn good. I even enjoy III, and don’t think it’s nearly as bad as people say.

    Never saw Life Aquatic, but I want to. I enjoyed the Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore quite a bit, too.

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was, to me, not as great as people said it was. It was entertaining, sure, but Shane Black has done much better, and just because it’s his return to Hollywood doesn’t mean you should kiss his ass all the way there.

    Collateral is just genius. It doesn’t match Heat in its intensity, but is still really, really good. I can’t wait to see what Mann has in store for us in Miami Vice.

    Directors — definitely Mann, John McTiernan makes pretty efficient movies, and Die Hard is hands down the best action movie ever.

    Spielberg is fascinating. Minority Report, A.I., Munich, it doesn’t matter where he goes, I’ll follow. His worst movies are better than most others.

    Robert Rodriguez — he’s got a frenetic energy that I really like. Not crazy about stuff like From Dusk Till Dawn and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, but Sin City, Desperado, I mean, come on. He’s a lot like Spielberg, and pizza for that matter — even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty damn good.

    Tarantino, of course, and not much to say except he’s awesome. Danny Boyle has been on my radar ever since Trainspotting, but the Beach was pretty disappointing, and then he redeemed himself with 28 Days Later. Haven’t seen Millions yet, and his new movie Sunshine looks interesting.

    Guy Ritchie — Lock, Stock and Snatch are modern classics, and looks like he’s returning to his roots with Revolver.

    Brian de Palma’s a pretty good director, too — he’s got a new movie coming out called Black Dahlia that I’m interested in seeing.

    Marty Scorcese is really good, but he needs to stop trying to win an Oscar. Just do what you do, and people will notice. His new movie, The Departed, has Matt Damon, Leo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, and Alec Baldwin. Sounds good already.

    Cameron Crowe — I just dig him. Elizabethtown was surprisingly good, even with the “how the hell did she have time to do all that?!?” ending. Almost Famous? Vanilla Sky? Jerry Maguire? Yeah.

    As far as actors go — I’m a Depp fan. And I don’t care how many people give me shit — I’m an Affleck fan, too. Damon, Cruise, Pitt, Clooney, Crowe, you know, the big ones.

    It’s the little guys that need more attention, though. Guys like Paul Giamatti, John C. Reilly, Brian Cox. Those guys that you may see but not know his name. There aren’t a lot of really great female actresses out there right now, except for Dakota Fanning. And you know, I might get shit for it, but Meryl Streep is really good, too. She’s surprised me with her humility, and if you watched the Oscars earlier this year, she and Lily Tomlin were the funniest single moment in the whole show.

    Okay, dude, I’m done for a while. What do you think of all that?


    Sweet dude.

    rob wrote:
    … Think about how much tension there is in that movie with barely ever seeing the shark.

    That’s what I’m talking about. Most fans just go along for the ride but if you actually love movies you pick up on the craft too. It’s one of those things where because of societal constraints the older movie makers had to employ more artistry to create the vibe, and because they were forced to let their audience use their imaginations they literally get inside your head more effectively.

    I still have never seen Godfather III yet. Maybe for the same reason I avoided The Life Aquatic for some time, the mixed reviews. That probably worked in its favour by the time I did see it, I had low expectations and it ambushed me. It never takes itself as seriously as Royal Tenenbaums or even Bottle Rocket but it’s a really fun ride with great production design. And I could probably even enjoy watching Bill Murray read cereal packets.

    With Kiss Kiss Bang Bang the story and directing doesn’t kick my ass so much as watching Val Kilmer and Michelle Monaghan’s acting. For Kilmer that kind of character is effortless, he’s having almost as much fun as he was in Tombstone. Monaghan I’d never seen before this and MI3’s the only other thing I’ve seen with her. So far her and Naomi Watts are the most interesting actresses of that generation to me. Did you watch Mulholland Drive? There’s a fuckin challenging movie.

    I’m with you on Collateral. I remember watching it similar to how Jerry described watching Superman Returns, just thinking “Yes!” every 60 seconds at how it was unfolding on this ride, the way it looks, everything. For what it tries to be it’s close to perfect. I’ve seen it 5 or 6 times and not even close to getting over it. Miami Vice is going to rock, Dion Beebe who shot Collateral is on it also.

    I haven’t really paid much attention to John McTiernan, like you say he’s pretty trustworthy (13th Warrior was a dog though) but he hasn’t ever come close to matching Die Hard yet. Predator’s shitloads of fun, Red October maybe, but his stars really were in alignment for Die Hard.

    I get what you say about Spielberg too, he’s so smart that even when the script goes flat he can keep you watching, and when he gets a good story he handles it so well. I even liked The Terminal.

    Fuck it, I’m out of time right now dude, if I’m not careful all my conversations end up being about movies and end up being way too long. I love this shit.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.

    Did you watch Mulholland Drive?

    Yes, and that’s just a weird one. Lynch is just weird, and that’s what he’s known for. He actually had a pretty neat movie going there, and then all the shit changed, and, well, it just ended up being weird. I like Naomi Watts okay, but she hasn’t really impressed me yet.

    On second reading, I think McTiernan sticks out as the most volatile director on my list. I just immediately thought of him because of Die Hard.

    I’m with you on Val Kilmer. I keep rooting for him to get some big roles again, because I’ve always liked him.

    And I can’t believe that I left out Frank Darabont on my director list. He’s just kick ass, but I’d like to see him do something really serious like Spielberg did with Munich.

    And hey, man, I’m with you on the movies talk. I could do this shit for hours, as long as I’m comfortable.


    Yeah I’m afraid to visit Rotten Tomatoes anymore, I get sucked into that stuff way too easily.

    I’m pretty much with you on those other directors, except Brian De Palma’s never really made an impression. Untouchables I guess but I saw that way before I really could appreciate any sort of craft in film making. The first Mission Impossible didn’t blow me away and I haven’t seen Carlito’s Way yet. Actually, I remember liking Mission To Mars in the kind of way you like a film when you randomly catch it late at night and have real low expectations but it had more to do with Don Cheadle and Gary Sinise.

    I like Crowe from Singles, Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous but didn’t find time for Vanilla Sky, and Elizabethtown seemed like a chick flick from what I saw of the advertising so I didn’t see that either. What you say makes me curious now, I’ll just make sure I watch it with a chick and I’ll be covered. I know what you mean about Scorsese also, I want him to get a statue now just so that vibe can be finished. It’s gotten to be almost distracting, like you don’t know if it’s in the film or if it’s in our imaginations. Maybe he really doesn’t care that much and it’s just everybody else in the world projecting it.

    I really dig Wes Anderson’s sense of humour and eccentricity. I think too many people who don’t share it accuse him of pretense but to me it just seems like a dude with an imagination having fun. And I love 12 Monkeys, The Fisher King (Jeff Bridges rules) and Baron Munchausen from Gilliam but haven’t gotten to Brazil or Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas yet. I guess it’s similar to Anderson, the eccentricity Gilliam loves and projects, there’s such mischievious energy.

    I’m pretty sure you’ve talked about Boogie Nights once or twice on the show, I remember Jerry saying he hadn’t seen it and you said he should. How do you rate PT Anderson, specially Magnolia and Punch Drunk Love? Are you into Charlie Kaufman’s writing, Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine etc? What did you think of The Green Mile being such a fan of Shawshank with Darabont in the chair? The Majestic is another one of those ones that’s in the list to see.

    I need a whack of the flu or something so I can stay home for a week and see all these films. Movies are the silver lining to viral infections and broken bones. Back in May I got the shits and watched 14 movies in 4 days including Life Aquatic, Kung Fu Hustle and Shawn Of The Dead which I liked a lot, as well as finally seeing King Kong where I thought Naomi Watts did an awesome job. I totally forgot she was acting to a blue screen and it made me consider the performance from Mullholland again. She’s good in 21 grams also.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.

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