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Rob – Opinion Question #1

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Rob – Opinion Question #1

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    Since you have a fascination with butts, an assman, which type of booty do you like?
    flat, too small, small, nicely rounded, a bit more nicely rounded or ghetto..


    I’d say “nicely rounded”. Not chubby, but big enough that if you slapped it, there’d be a bit of a kickback.

    I’m definitely more of a boob man, myself…


    Yeah, Rob just jokes a lot about ass. Mostly guy-ass and sticking things up there like poultry. That’d be like me making poop jokes all the time, then someone says, “Hey, you’re really into scat, aren’tcha? ‘Cause I’ve got a question for you…”


    I always take Rob’s dick, ass, and poo jokes to be judged on a scale of appropriateness and class. The more disgusting and wrong the funnier it is.

    Gayness is having to listen to 3 guys from Texas to hear a good dick and shit joke.

    That and the thread Octavious has going about older, sexy men.



    I can honestly say that I’ve never had a gay streak in my body. I do wear fanny packs. I’ve even said out loud in a mall that a guy ahead of me has a hot ass. And sure, I wear bright colors and every now and then let guys look at me while I’m undressing, but, well…that doesn’t make me gay.

    No, really, the use of the anal regions in my jokes is usually a lack of any real creativity.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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