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re-REconsider sterilization…

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re-REconsider sterilization…

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    So lemme get this straight…one failed, crackwhore offspring devoid of morals (and underwear) just isn’t enough. You need the trifecta?

    VIA: Monsters and Critics

    The Lohan family needs more attention. It’s just a fact. Thankfully, the good people at E! are considering Momager (Mom+Manager), a reality show starring Dina Lohan as she attempts to launch the careers of her younger children Ali (14) and Cody (11). From Monsters and Critics:

    Dina – who once dubbed herself “the white Oprah” – has been working as a guest presenter for Entertainment Tonight to give the show “exclusives” with 20-year-old Lindsay.

    Now, I’ve never been a parent, so granted I have no frame of reference. But I’m going to go ahead and say White Oprah is the worst mother I’ve ever heard about who has not directly murdered their children.

    I’m sure someone’s already writing the made for TV movie. And that someone is probably the husband, who I understand just got out of jail.


    Put my head thru a wall please.

    If she is going to do the show, she like her daughter have to show some boobage.


    Who the fuck are the retards watching this stuff? I’ve already accepted that there are total fucktards greenlighting crap like this.


    Same fucktards that gave us nation-defining programming like “American Idol” “Americas got talent” and “Guess what boil will pop first”

    ok so I made that last one up…nobody steal it!!!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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