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Plans for Show 100?

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Plans for Show 100?

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    Okay guys, that’s a big milestone. What big plans do you have for the show? What does everyone think should be included?


    The letter from the Queen


    Tell her to get off her ass and send it. ha!

    Technically, we’ve already done more than 100 shows… our messed up numbering has kept us below 100. It’s Tuesday, several days before we record again… I think we need to start gathering stuff for a huge show. Let me get to work on this.


    Guess I better send in my congratulations voicemail today……


    I think it would be great if Jerry played the keyboard, Rob laughed a lot and Bryan told stories for the Great Show 100. It’s worked fine for the past 100 shows.

    You guys should lets us know when you are recording and we can all call in to harass you.

    -I’ll sing a song
    -Mike3point can explain the accident that made his cranium look like a squash
    -El Nacho can do a dramatic reading of a cereal box
    -Newman can recite show highlights from show 22-45
    -Pa-ul, digitaltopia, and BSherrod are planning on doing a “Ode to Rob” lovefest complete with Phone-Sex operators
    -Darth Octavious will send in a video of him handing out wet SOS t-shirts to strippers
    -Scatt and JPSylvrWolfe were gonna be there in person but didn’t have a boat to get thru Houston.
    -Frank’s gonna give a lecture on proper porn technique.
    -YouFollowMe? is gonna be at Pizza hut with all the leftover orders that couldn’t get delivered. (no anchovies)


    Bing, I love ya and itlike you know me. Because I loves the women in wet t-shirts. Maybe for the exception of Rob. *vomit*


    I believe a live show is in order. With streaming and everything!


    Porn? I can do porn. Well, not BE in it, but definitely talk about it. None of that sounded right and I’m just going to go ahead and shut up right now.


    i thot 100 was the choose yer own adventure show. whatever that means.

    Bing wrote:
    -YouFollowMe? is gonna be at Pizza hut with all the leftover orders that couldn’t get delivered. (no anchovies)

    I can also be there with all of the hot chicks that didn’t get delivered. 😉

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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