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Okay, what’s the deal with this Heath Ledger crap?

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Okay, what’s the deal with this Heath Ledger crap?

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    There are so many twists and turns in regards to his death, it’s hard to keep up.

    – He had a rolled up $20 bill on the floor, but it tested negative for any drug
    – He had prescriptions for six different medicines, ranging from sleeping meds (Ambien) to anti-anxiety meds
    – The bottles were found all around … on the floor, etc.
    – His masseuse called Mary-Kate Olsen (of the Olsen twins) three times before calling 911, called 911, then called Olsen a fourth time
    – Olsen today released a brief (and I mean brief) statement, which reads in its entirety “Heath was a friend. His death is a tragic loss. My thoughts are with his family during this very difficult time.”
    – Police are not questioning Olsen or the masseuse, because they say he was already dead before the masseuse called Olsen the first time.

    God, do we need anything else for the conspiracy nuts to spooge all over themselves? I’m not really a big conspiracy guy, but all of this does seem a bit weird to me.

    Anyone else care to weigh in?


    Frank, you ever thought of taking up a hobby like nose picking or anything? I’m worried about you man…..


    As I watch Batman Begins on FX, it just reminds me that I can’t wait for Dark Knight. The story not the actor that just died. Tragic, but life goes on.


    My buddy is quoted in this article (Rob Worley)… I discussed it with him at length and I think we can both agree on a couple of situations.
    1. He was so consumed with his role as the new sadistic joke that it took over his life…. and he ended it.
    2. He said he was having trouble sleeping (could only get 2 hours of sleep a night) and he was trying legal and illegal drugs to overcome this problem.
    A. He was drinking and lost track of how many he was taking
    B. He again couldn’t sleep take another still couldn’t sleep take another etc…

    These are the situation we’ve come up with but it’s possible we’re completely wrong… that said he was a great actor yet in his prime, he will be missed greatly.


    I’ve heard that there have been actors who talk about being totally consumed by a role. If you think about it, all of the good actors do this. They allow that personality to overwhelm them, to the point that for a while, they are that character.

    Look at Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow — when he messes up his lines, he apologizes in Sparrow’s way of speaking. I remember on the Criterion version of The Rock, there’s a part where Ed Harris messes up, and responds to Michael Bay in that character, and then he loses it, almost like the character is pissed off.

    If all that is true, being consumed by a sadistic nutjob like the Joker…well, it’d be enough for anyone to lose sleep.


    I wouldn’t say “all of the good actors” are method actors, but it’s certainly true of many of them. I have no idea if he is one, but people can really get confused about why they should be happy, and how big their problems are and such. Add to that chemicals that we only know a tad bit about (on the long term chemical effects scale) and yeah I could see the guy losing touch with the real world.


    The latest I’ve heard is now they’re saying it might be from natural causes, that the chemicals in his system were too weak to do anything like this. Which just makes the whole story seem even more messed up. I have to agree with Frank, there just about has to be more going on here than what’s obvious.

    Frank wrote:
    He had a rolled up $20 bill on the floor, but it tested negative for any drug

    It was to pay the ferryman.

    If it doesn’t work, jam a screwdriver in there and jiggle it about.


    I guess $20 U.S. is about worth two bits now, isn’t it?


    Two bits and a whistle, my friend, two bits and a whistle.

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