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Off-roading in your daily driver?

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Off-roading in your daily driver?

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    Well you hear of it from time to time from those guys with the 4×4 dodge or the Jeep Global Killer or whatever… but someone taking their daily driver car offroad? I get questioned and almost laughed at when I mention the desire to do just that, when I’m at work or something. I suppose the term “rally car” doesn’t mean anything to most people. Anyway, after some fun drives on gravel curves and even a quick little run out into a field a few nights ago, I decided to hell with the norm… I’m taking my fucking car off-road!

    So, here is the nice little section of unbuilt freeway not far from home. It’s got a lot of loose dirt, some truck-trail packed dirt, lots of potholes, dips and hills and a nice little flattened creekbed (think inverted rhombus) between the bridged platues. Add to that a little raw field, some gravel bits and you’ve got one hell of a good time in an all-wheel drive turbo car.


    So the image above is where I start off. I give a it a bit of gas, and crank to the left, no fishtail of course, just a nice smooth rock kicking turn out to a 180 where I take off up this slightly inclined, rocky straight-away just off camera to the left. This leads around a kind of gravel ‘bowl-rim’ (albeit a very wide rim) that I am able to all wheel slide a bit around under a lot of thrust. This shit is fun.

    Coming off the rim, toward the body of the image you see above, there is a little trail that cuts back again to the left of frame and down beside where the freeway will be built. This seems to be where one day the West access road will be, and though it’ll surely be full of mini-vans, mid-grade luxury cars and self-important North Dallas types waiting for the light to change in the future, right now it’s a proving ground, and a kind of gateway to a rally-esque amusement park… and I’ve got a fist full of tickets.

    This leads to a huge gravel area that makes up the mouth of a service entrance… a good place to e-brake a 180. Running hard down this straight away again allows for a quick butterfly sensation as I pop over the hill leading into the flattened creek bed, and I launch into a good third gear run up the other side. Bumps, dips and small hills create a jumping, bouncing and offroad trail sensation normal to me only within’ rail body of a dune buggy, and a quick dip and hump makes it feel like part of the car lift much of it’s weight off the ground, before digging in the front end in the dirt ahead. I didn’t care, this was crazy fun. I get past this 40+ MPH collision with the earth and pop up over the other side of the creek bed and back out onto the packed dirt flatlands that will one day be travelled by lesser vehicles. Did I mention this shit is fun?

    I’m in full view of what you see in the image above now, near the far end of that bridge where those two trails kinda come together, or at least that is the part I just passed. I run off into the distance through some flat loose dirt, raw field and do a quick spin around a big mound of dirt, dodging through the ruts created by dumptrucks during one of the few rains we’ve had in recent weeks. This of course has me pointing right back to where I came from.

    I get some real speed up, drop back down that hill and start hitting brakes and working to steer around that hill I’d bottomed out on before. I’d been checking the guages and the smell of dust around me for hints of problems, and wanted to keep up my fun without further warning signs, so avoiding this hard spot on the second pass was an obvious next move. Back up the other side, down the West “access road” and back into the gravel covered service entrance into another e-brake slide.

    Before the car comes to rest, it’s thrust time again, and I’m spinning to grab traction and head out again. This time over the edge into the creek bed, and to the right through a different trail that heads to the right hand side of the image above, to the right of that white box thing and off into that green/brown hazy area. It’s much smoother and allows me to really drive fast for the dirt. I come up over the edge, slow down a lot looking for what the terrain is going to throw at me and I see an exit onto the main road. A quick glance over my shoulder tells me what regular commuter traffic is doing, and that a little 2nd gear gassing will be an ideal move. I drag a smoke screen over the road with me as if I’m sky-writing at ground level to say “it’s much more fun to be me”.

    Sometimes, it only takes 5 minutes to unwind the stress of a whole day. Even the roadrash left on my front lower facia didn’t detract from the childlike excitement I felt… like coming off of the best rollercoaster, christmas, and a whole chocolate cake at the same time. That shit was fun.



    funn driving!!! just dont tear up your shit then your fun will be replace with self administered ass kicking…


    Bryan, the crazy off roading son of a blow up doll.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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