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New-ish Guy dans le maison!

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New-ish Guy dans le maison!

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    Sorry, just learned that phrase from the Barenaked Ladies. I swear I learn something new from Canadians every day.

    In any case, lemme hit you with my story:

    I started listening to SOS around show.. uh.. Jesus, something. I can’t remember anymore. I’d have to see what show they read that one forum post by old-me (yeah, that’s the next part of the story), but I listened for a while, until show 70-some-odd or so, whereabout I quit because I stopped having a convenient time/place to listen to the show (I used to listen to it while playing Final Fantasy 11, because the in-game music and sound was unbearably dull, and because that game takes fuggin’ forgever).

    In any case, during that brief tenure, I was a few posts-in on the original forum as Slam_Fire, and then as GunnySkox (I didn’t post as GunnySkox ever, I don’t think).

    A couple of months ago, though, I arrived at my current suck-ass position in the work world (my first job: dishwasher/oddjobman in the main kitchen of a country club’s restaurant), but my boss let me listen to my iPod at work, so I did what come natural: I looked SOS back up and picked up where I by-God left off. Of course, now my boss cut off my listening-to-music-at-work (the prick; though I’d made it to about show 93-94), so I’m without a venue for listening again, but that brings me to my next bit:

    I was planning on catching up to the latest shows and then jumping in feet-first with the fan community (gotta be on the right page, y’know. I don’t wanna be Chip, posting in the threads about the latest show with shit about going to see X-Men 3…), when suddenly out of the blue today, MaxDong IMs me and hits me broadside with SOS calling it quits! Dammit! Son-of-a-bitch-dammit!

    So I guess that brings me to my real point: is this place still gonna be here when y’all aren’t showing it up all over the place anymore? ‘Cause I’d like to stick around while I catch the older shows up and keep track of what the SOS crew are planning for the future.

    Apologies if that question’s been posed already; I’ll forum around some more and see.



    We’ll still be around, in some way. Just don’t know exactly in what way yet.


    I think we all need to move in with Bing and Bingette. That would be awesome … and Bingette could spend all of her time with Jerry.


    Good stuff Bakes, I’m always curious to hear stories about how people find and listen to the show. Bryan has said, I think on 147, that he wants the forum to keep going which is sweet, sweet music to our ears.

    He said some technical stuff about moving servos and greasing up the wamp rats or something (I’m tech-retarded, get off my back) but as long as you check in at these forums sometimes and in the Announcements section particularly you should catch all that news.

    I know from a lot of the guys that post on here we’re not planning on letting this particular rebel band of SOS lovin vagrants quit trying to entertain each other and Rob and Bryan at least will probably be in on it so the spirit of Switched:On ain’t goin nowhere. Jerry you can probably keep up with better via http://www.jerrymarkhammusic.com/, especially now he’s cranking up the hyperdrive of his musical project. There are a bunch of his songs there and you can also find his myspace link on there too where he posts news.

    Also, don’t hold back from posting feedback and comments on the backlog of shows, a lot of us fans have been going back through them and now with new content being rarer than shots of Britney with clothes on I’m guessing it’s bound to come up.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.

    rob wrote:
    We’ll still be around, in some way. Just don’t know exactly in what way yet.

    In the hearts and minds of your listeners?…

    or in deep space gathering power for season 2(or 3 idk)

    Frank wrote:
    I think we all need to move in with Bing and Bingette. That would be awesome … and Bingette could spend all of her time with Jerry.

    And you know you’d be right there watching.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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