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Mmmm… jerky.

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Mmmm… jerky.

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    I’m sittin’ here eatin’ some brazilian jerky, its reallly good and made with papaya juice.


    http://www.worldkitchens.net is where its from.

    I went out a bought it after listening to the show where Rob talks about his jerky obsession.
    anyone else have some good jerky brands to buy?

    El Rustirino

    Rob told me Robertsons is all good.


    The obsession continues —

    I’ve been buying different kinds of jerky from the Beef Jerky Emporium (http://www.tbje.com), and I still think that Robertson’s tastes the absolute best. I’ve tried Uncle Mike’s (tastes like Jack Link’s Kippered Beef, so kinda nasty), Mingua Bros. (pretty good, but really just okay), No Man’s Land (hickory flavored, pretty good, but not great), Fesperman’s (very highly rated, but I didn’t care for it), and the Xtreme Hotshoppe Habanero Jerky (really one of my favorites, but very expensive for what you get and REALLY hot). You can actually buy Robertson’s from their website (http://www.robertsonhams.com) and it’s a lot cheaper — $25.00 per lb. You can also buy Robertson’s jerky at Love’s truck stops, but it’s more expensive ($32.00 per lb).

    My favorite store bought jerky is Old Trapper’s. It’s found mainly in smaller convenience stores, and I had a two bag addiction for about three months. Jim Bean’s jerky really good, but still not as good as Robertson’s or Old Trapper’s.

    There’s a guy that I’m working with that makes his own jerky, and it’s apparently legendary around the store. He said he’ll bring some up to the store next week. He said that he’ll teach me his jerky making ways, and I intend to learn. More info as it comes up…


    I used to work with a girl who’s Mom made Jerky.

    It was better than anything you will find in the store, ever. When I met “Mom” she looked to be an authority on food if you know what I mean…. winkwink, nudgenudge.

    So yeah, if you do the homemade jerky thing I think you will like it…doesn’t keep as long as storebought but I don’t think you’d be the type of guy to let Jerky spoil.

    Brave man.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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