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Lets play a game!

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Lets play a game!

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    Ok, in three sentnces or less, Come up with the plot to a terrible teen movie.

    We did this in my writing class as an exercize, its fuckin’ funny.
    As an example, here is my teachers movie Idea:

    Movie Title: Hard Bargain
    Plot: After stealing some pills from their buddy teenage nerds George and Jaun are in for the night of their lives when It turns out to be VIAGRA (not drugs)! Hillaroius antics insue in their boner-fueld romp through town (Including a trip to the homecoming dance and a church confession booth, because, the whole gay pedo-priest bit is SO fresh and funny).
    Movie it blatantly rips off: Superbad
    Bad Idea its based on: Boner Jokes, Lots of Boner Jokes.

    OK guys, now its YOUR TURN!.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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