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I’ve got a "Great Big Ol’e Bitch"

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I’ve got a "Great Big Ol’e Bitch"

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    My SOS’ers….I gotta take a moment to bitch and moan a little….

    It’s been a helluva week ’round here,
    ….had to work late every damn night this week AND next week too
    ….got deadlines screaming at me like choirboys at a Michael Jackson show
    ….damn dumbass “windows” computer at work done gone and “shit the bed” on me….lost all my shit
    ….had to call some dumbass on website advice too…can’t imagine who would want to listen to him talk

    ……so I got one thing I’m gonna bitch about to make up for all my bullshit ’round here.

    ….why the Hell does Aayla Secura (in the Order 66 montage) start to fall *BEFORE* she gets shot? Granted one teeny tiny little blue bolt hits EXACTLY when she does her little “stripper faint to the ground” fall, but come on……Am I supposed to believe a Jedi Master with the Force of blue cleavage has to have such a pussy fall (pun intended)?

    ….I mean, I can forgive Dooku in AOTC blocking (at least) 3 saber strikes in front of him while Yoda has clearly jumped on his (Dooku’s) ship behind him in the Geonosis duel…I’ma pretend he was old and maybe had glaucoma and couldn’t see the little green fucker. Either that or the Obi-Ani duel had drained him……

    …I know the REAL reason is that Lucas is a genius-lazy-innovative-money-grubbing-whore, and Rick M. ate the original scripts to prevent anyone seeing George’s first drafts….(I’m not kidding, you seen him lately?…boy looks like Jabba on a fatback binge)

    …I digress…

    ….It just takes away from the intended emotional impact of the scene. Here it is, the fall of the Jedi, the moment that solidifies the importance of Luke Skywalker and the entire plot of the original trilogy. First we see the war-torn world of something-or-other (and the Conehead gets blasted)…..then some blue Hooters girl does a pirouette BEFORE anyone shoots her!!!

    ….In my time we picked on Stormtroopers for not being able to hit a Death Star at point-blank range….now I gotta give credit to Clonetroopers for hitting a target before they pull the trigger!!!????

    ……anyway…just wanted to share the hatred………


    and if I may, I would like to quote…. Captain Bryan Castles “USS SOS Show 108”

    ……”I hate people” ……

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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