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It's Time to Buzz the Tower

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It's Time to Buzz the Tower

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    Rob’s mentioned a bunch of times on his solo show that he used to nerd out about military jets, and I used to do the same thing. Over the years I’ve done it less and less but recently stumbled across The Fighter Pilot Podcast, and also this Aircrew Interview YouTube channel. I know you love your Tube Robby, so maybe this’ll be something you’re into, maybe not, but I figured I’d bung it up here in case you or anyone else around the joint may be into it.

    This particular one is with this dude “Dozer” who was an F-15 jockey, went to Air Force Fighter Weapons School (USAF version of Top Gun), shot down a MiG-29 over Kosovo during the Balkans conflict and was one of the very first lead pilots in the development of air-to-air tactics for the F-22. I don’t know if that competes with your beloved Hali or with any of the vape-based channels, but here it is anyway.

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