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it’s over.

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it’s over.

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    It’s official. There will never, ever, be another official Star Wars production on the big screen. Rumors abounded at the beginning of the month that George Lucas was working on two additional Star Wars productions. Steven Sansweet, the head of “Fan Relations” (Indicating that they actually have a “Fan Relations” division. Hmmm) for Lucas Films has addressed the rumors head on. Stansweet confirmed that 2 miniseries were in the works, but that they were destined for TV only. He went on to say that the Star Wars movie franchise has been officially put to bed.




    Sorry, but I see that as good news. I can’t imagine how many times it would take him to get it right if he had even more cool technology at his disposal.


    Ok…this is a rant

    What bugs the ever-lovin poo out of this southern charmer are the in your face errors that Lucas never seems to notice. For a guy with such an attention to detail he sure seems to miss that giant elephant in the room.

    -I won’t go into too much detail on these issues, I feel I’ve covered them plenty enough in the past.
    AOTC – Why is Dooku blocking and parrying in front of him when Yoda is obviously behind him?
    ROTS – Jedi Precognition Death? Aayla Secura falls over dead before the first shot hits her

    ANH (the new versions)
    Luke’s saber in the falcon is white, then green….WTF!
    The end Kenobi vs Vader duel still has more rotoscoping errors than a bad fan-film.

    There are plenty of nit-picky things about these movies but these 4 are purely special effects related and could easily be fixed if Lucas were not the most stubborn man alive. I think he is a genius and an innovator but c’mon Georgie you are far from infallible…fix these glaring errors you stubby bearded bitch.

    If any of you wish to hear my full thoughts and endless bitching on this or to tell me how full of shit I am feel free to let me know. I’ve got a lifetime of bitching on these topics stored up!


    FANBOY suck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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