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    #367 in line scored an 8 ‘gigger last night, and despite the fact that swiping my card was like ripping a band-aid off the hairiest part of my body for 2 seconds, I don’t regret it one bit.

    Huge crowd at the Apple store by where I work, big enough crowd that as we neared the door, Apple employees were actually counting the remaining line members to be sure there was enough. Got my phone and accessory case in a smart little iPhone bag and off I went. Less than 1/2 mile to the office, so I was quickly ready to activate rather quickly.

    As expected, the packaging is ultra sexy. You just have to open one to experience it. Now, one of my favorite ‘little’ experiences is opening up new ‘toys’ and Apple always tops that list. But this device is by far the most fun to open. I downloaded the new version of iTunes earlier yesterday, to avoid the traffic, so I was ready; I hooked up my iPhone and went through the existing customer setup. A breeze. I did get the now popular errors from iTunes that the system was too busy, but I got my activation email and my phone activated less than 20 seconds after that. Good go to.

    Impressions: touch, wow gorgeous screen, touch then multi-touch; cool! Make a call, throw it on speaker. After turning it up all the way, I’d call the speaker phone a tad weak, but I set it on the table, and it was louder with the reflected sound. Same for playing music/movies. Although it takes an extra couple of touches to get the phone, it’s not bothering me yet. The keys and keyboard are surprisingly good. WiFi setup and usage was easy, and very quick. Works well, and browses great. I’ve read this forum from the phone a few times already.

    Performance: As a phone, it sounds great, is easy to use and once you have it setup (contacts and stuff) offers a lot of ways to use contact information quickly. My bluetooth headset actually performs better on this phone than it has on any of my phones (it’s a Plantronics Explorer 640) and I was impressed. It even did it when the headset battery chirping at me. No drops, and I’ve been experiencing a lot of them lately with the weather. EDGE was slow when I tried it, but I was within rock throwing distance of the Apple Store, so the available towers were probably overloaded. I’ll test this again eventually. Wonderful scrolls and screen performance. I bought Grosse Point Blank last night, it synced fast and looks really good on the phone. I haven’t loaded any of my music on it yet, but I expect pretty good performance there.

    Features: The ones that are there, are really really well done. The You Tube thing is pointless to me, but I played with it and it works well. It will be better when more of the site is converted to H.264. Maps is just great. Of course like everyone I wish there was a GPS chip hiding in there, but I usually use my computer before I head out anyway, so this is tons better. Turn by Turn works great. I was able to browse this site pretty well, and even play past shows in the browser. That was good.

    Everything is pretty much as known/as read/as advertised… I’m just not let down at all. My company email (Exchange) works great on here. Gmail works as it always does, I get a damn copy of all of my sent mail back in my inbox. I hate that about them. SMS all iChat style is really cool, but I think it will lead to more chats and higher SMS usage. No MMS sucks, I’d like to be able to forward phone images, but this was no surprise. Ringtones did not show up, so you can only use the stock ones currently. I’m ready to load the Price is Right.

    Probably the best thing about this sexy, slick likely reliable phone is that it runs OSX… so there will be lots of improvements from both Apple and the general population. I’m really looking forward to it. Okay, need to play with this thing some more, it’s so damn cool!


    I’ve seen the look my little one has on his face when he opens his presents on Christmas Day.

    I’m picturing Bryan with the same sort look as he opened his IPhone.

    If it doesn’t work, jam a screwdriver in there and jiggle it about.


    Happy for you Bryan and the ultra sexy package.


    Well that’s the first time those have ever been in the same sentence.


    (you know I still find you desirable my little stay-puft marshmellow)


    When you talk on it, do you get face grease on the screen? You Tube is moving to H.264? Will the touch screen work by rubbing the phone on yourself?

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