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I’m glad stupid doesn’t stink

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I’m glad stupid doesn’t stink

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    AAAYYY!!! All Ya’ll SOS’ern vagrant types

    dig it….

    ….I’m at the bank, waiting for the girl with the fat face and condescending manner to call me up to the teller line. 6 months later when it’s my turn I get up there to do what I came to do only to be interrupted by this cow of a woman telling me that at the end of the month all bank cards issued at this particular bank will no longer be valid…..

    ……she stares with that smart ass grin….

    …time passes….

    “Ok” I say, “can I use the card now?”…….”only until the end of the month” replies Ms. HippoFace…
    “Alright then, today I need to transfer x dollars from this account to this account number right here”, I hand her the slip with the appropriate account numbers, My ID, my bank card, and a completed transfer slip……

    ….Never once glancing at the transaction I just placed in front of her, she broadens her Jabba-like grin and says in the most condescending tone yet, “Ok…sir…..you are aware that you will not be able to use these cards after the end of the month or do I need to go over that again?”

    ….that’s it, I hate people on the best of days and this bitch just pushed her luck one inch further than my self-control was able to cover…

    “Ma’am” (struggling to sound firm but not angry) I understand the whole end of the month thing, but can we please see to this transaction first and then maybe we can discuss the bank card situation”. No doubt my cardiologist would be more than a little concerned with my blood pressure at this time I tried to keep it cool……..”Well sir, what is it you want to do then”

    ….I tapped my fingers a little too loud on the small pile of papers in front of her sweaty fat bloated head.

    **at this point the transaction DOES get completed with zero talking between either of us**
    ***but the smirking body language of this waste of skin has damn near made me homicidal***

    “Okay sir, now back to the ca–“
    “I know, I know” I interrupt “I can’t use the card after the end of business today”…..
    …**deep breath from Jabba..rolling of eyes…heavy sarcasm…**

    …”No sir you will not be able to use it after the end of the month is what I said….”

    and now, taking time to enjoy my moment, I let it hang in the air…..
    ….”Do you understand sir, or shall we begin again?”

    ..”Let’s begin again please” I smirk
    ..”AFTER THE END….” she raises her voice
    ..I interrupt “NO!, after the close of business TODAY!…close the account..NOW!”

    ..”Sir I was merely..” she starts to play the victim

    and here is my moment (and believe me I enjoyed it WAY TOO MUCH….damn near rubbed one out)

    …”Let me stop you there Ma’am”…”You can either close my checking account now, or your supervisor can close it, my savings account and tomorrow my wife’s checking account and savings account…did you catch all that, or should I begin again?”

    ….she never said another word….


    in a non-gay way


    I hate people, and I LOVE how you handled that. it would have been better had a higher up tried to get involved on their own.


    Brother Bing, I feel you… in a non-gay way. I hate fucking people, I can’t stand them.

    When I moved to the Carolina’s, I told the cashier, to close my account. She does, cuts my card and hands me in the envelope the load of cash. As I walked out thinking its weird that I didn’t get a bank check and a piece of paper stating that the account is closed.

    Well 2 months has passed and in the mail I get a bank statement saying there are fees because of no money. Very calmly I went to the bank, talk to the bank manager telling the situation that I closed the account, and she (me pointing at the cashier that did it) helped me. She took all of my statements and told me that she will clear it up. She will call me tomorrow. Ok.

    2 weeks went by. (Busy with work and downloading SOS) Mail came, you’ve guess it other fee. Brothers of SOS, I lost it. Got in my Mustang and sped to the same branch. From the driveway to the door of the bank, I had to make myself calm down. The Octavious family, meaning my great-grandfather and grandfather at one time of their lives, ended up getting arrested (no robberies just a hot temper). Has I am waiting for the bank manager, the same cashier who fucked up this entire strife in my life came to me and asked:
    “Can I help you?”
    “Yes!, matter of fact it was YOU who “closed” my account, never did it and I got fees, and your bubbly branch manager told me that she going to take care of it and never did, so I am not leaving here until its fixed.” She asked for my statement to copy them so the asst. bank manager can take care of it. She tells me its going to take about 1 1/2 hours because she is with other client. (1 1/2 hours? thinking) I said that is perect, I can do some shopping and come back. The cashier came back, handed me my staement and now told me that the asst. bank manager will call me after 5, I got there at 1pm.

    I left, got home, call the 800 number and told the CSR everything, and I mean everything. The CSR’s supervisor gets on the phone, tells me that everything has been corrected, matter-of-fact there was some little extra change (enough to buy a beer) that they would send a check. He continued to say, sorry for the trouble, hope this hasn’t change your mind about us.

    Bing get ready to rub one out.
    The next day the branch manager calls up to greatly apologize. Apparently, through the chains of command, they told the branch manager to call me to apologize and not to have this situation happen again.


    Yeah, Bing that was awesome. I hate people, too, but that’s mostly because I’m an elitist prick.

    El Rustirino



    Holy crap that whole story rules so much.

    I interrupt “NO!, after the close of business TODAY!…close the account..NOW!


    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    I swear if she had looked at me with that fat smirking look ONE MORE TIME I would be posting from jail right now.

    I was and still am amazed at how much that fat fuckin’ look on her dumbass face pissed me off

    all together now,,



    Check my” side effects of sos” post…all about stupid people and how they pissed me off when I pretended to have an actual problem…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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