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I stumbled across my own Lohan news

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I stumbled across my own Lohan news

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    Good for “ha-ha’s”, but bad for Robby


    Touch it. Taste it. Feel it….


    Oh, and “Ha ha!”..


    I’m sure her cat did it. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Either that or Rob was WAY too rough with her the other night. Didn’t know you could actually hurt people in your dreams. Rob, you’ve gotta teach me that trick.


    I hope she slits her throat next. And somehow Paris Hilton dies too.


    She’s been under the microscope damn near her whole life. She’s young, attractive, and famous. She looses weight and the media jumps on it, she gains a few too many pounds and the media jumps on it. Perfect recipe for some serious mental issues. I don’t have the obsession that my man Rob does for her (I’m a Starbuck man myself). But if I was under that scrutiny then I would probably be even more fucked up….assuming its true.

    I wouldn’t kick her out of bed…unless she wanted to do it on the floor

    …Now don’t get me wrongo (sorry couldn’t resist). I’m all for the famous hitting rock bottom, nothing would please me more than a headline reading “Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes die onboard DC-8 when it crashes into a volcano”
    (apologies to the Scientologist out there for desecrating the volcano, the DC-8, and Tom Cruise….)

    those of you interested should spend 5 minutes on wikipedia…those more interested should be afraid

    But as usual, I digress

    Lohan is too easy a target for those of us looking for a failure story in H’wood….we should be focusing our attention on those that really deserve to fall. As annoying as she is to her haters…there are more worthy targets my friends.

    ….Oprah anyone?

    -Spreading the non gay hate


    …oh…and Rob for Prez


    I can respect Oprah. Despite being way too rich for her own good, she earned the fame and recognition she receives. Lohan made some crappy movies and has no talent. Paris Hilton is using her family’s money to finance her fame. I can only respect celebrities who can act well and deserve respect.


    Damn, Bing. It’s way past your bedtime. What the hell are you doing up???


    Oprah is probably the most deserving celebrity death. She’s racist, elitist, and uses her fame to influence people in completely self-serving ways. At least Lohan just admits to being a whore, can’t really act and is generally just messed up. Not a lot of harm to society there.


    **Right Fist in the Air** Right on Brother Bryan!


    And this is why we call him the Captain

    Frank wrote:
    Damn, Bing. It’s way past your bedtime. What the hell are you doing up???

    I suppose you are looking for something more noble than “drinking and playing computer games”
    (scarface for the ps2 is pretty damn cool)

    I was also browsing voyeurweb just in case you were afraid I’d given up the porn


    I don’t think she’s been given the opportunity to act yet. I’m not defending her attitude, and really, I couldn’t care less. The fact is that she does something for me. She’s very pretty, got a great body, and for some reason keeps having her clothes fall off. What do I care if she likes to sleep around? Like I got a chance…

    And Oprah…shit, man. I don’t really care, but I do know that she’s extremely smart. Other than that, who cares?

    And Tom Cruise — I don’t care if he sacrifices virgins to the Space God Chicken Nipple, the dude makes pretty good movies.

    So to sum up — yay for boobies, who cares about Oprah, and Tom Cruise is a weirdo but movies are good.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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