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I am a Jukebox Hero.

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I am a Jukebox Hero.

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    El Rustirino

    Basically, I got a Juke.

    Not basically, a couple weeks ago, I took my phone out of its charger. Usually, this is a pretty simple process, but not that day. No, I take it out, and what happens? Everything has been obliterated. The contacts. The ringtones. My wallpaper, for fuck’s sake. All gone.

    So, I go for about two weeks without a phone. Honestly? Wasn’t that bad for me. Although my mom got worried when I went off on my bike, but who gives a fuck about her, right?

    Today, we decide it’s about time to try to fix it. We go to two “authorized agents”, and right off the bat, they say there’s nothing they can do for my data. They do tell me that I need to go to a real store and have them check it out.

    So, we do that, and I had pretty much already decided on the Juke. It’s cheap, it’s effective, and I now have a new home for my podcasts. This tech is pretty nice, but his manager seemed like a total buttbitch – lemme explain.

    At the beginning of the conversation, he told us that he would bump up the little deal we had coming to us in two months, one where we wouldn’t have to pay anything to get a new phone – activation, etc. Later on, while he’s ringing us up for the Juke, she comes over, has a quiet conversation with him, and suddenly, our total goes up 30 bucks.

    Anyway, after checking out the eye candy that the female Verizon employees had to offer for about thirty minutes, I walked out of there with a new phone.

    I’m satisfied.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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