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Hurry..Hurry! Move Lady!!! AAAHHH!!

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Hurry..Hurry! Move Lady!!! AAAHHH!!

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    Hello all.

    A little story here in the life of Bing. (with sympathy to Bucho…my soulmate in GI distress)

    So I had some bad shrimp yesterday morning. “Hey, shrimp in the morning….all right!” I was thinking, that is until a few hours later my body said to me...”Dear Bing, I fucking hate you, you stupid fat man, I will no longer suffer your insults…take back thine shrimp!!!”

    and so it was written, and so it was violently brought forth unto all that was in front of me…SO, after the exorcising of the shrimp demon and in between gasping for air I was able to compose myself and continue on with my day…which involved a lovely dinner of sushi that was quite delightful….that is of course until….

    **ominous music**

    BAD SUSHI!!!!

    I first noticed the rebellion in my lower GI tract before they were able to get the X Wings in the air but a few hits from the duodenums ion cannon disabled my defenses and all I could do was run and hope no one was in between me and the throne of relief…I made it just in time, we still lost several good men that day and it was a hollow victory……

    So now I sit here weakened and pale..afraid to eat and wishing I had never heard of seafood…

    Alas my bretheren, another hero fallen to the power of the sea and the duodenum.

    Rob for prez even thought he ain’t as hot as Sarah Palin.


    They say you can just spontaneously develop an allergy to some seafood. I hope that never happens to me, as I am the Seafood King.


    That sucks Bing, you can’t catch a fricken break with your body going all haywire lately. Your hips getting bionicised, your guts getting evacuatified, your pets heads are falling off!

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.




    Poor friggin luck.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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