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Hot For Teacher

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Hot For Teacher

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    Quick back story. When I moved back to NY, my father in-law setup some job interviews for me. One of them is his friend. Now the last name I won’t disclose but it’s the same last name as my 5th grade teacher that I had a major crush. She was a hot blonde around the time I listened to Hot For Teacher by Van Halen off the 1984 album about 20 years ago. Yes, I had the 1984 when I was 9. Anyway, hot teacher, job interviews.

    Flash foward to last night. N-n-n-now. I was at my wife cousins wedding. Nice wedding and good reception, had a fun time. By the way, it is wrong to play Stairway to Heaven as a slow song to dance to. In the beginning of the reception, going to the bar (open bar all night) I bump into the man I am going to interview with. My father in-law friend. We got to talking and some what it was a little interview. Not a drink in my body or hand yet and we are talking about job opportunity. We say our “laters” and continue the night.
    After the dinner and the start of the dancing, I bump into the father in-law’s friend and his wife. Now at this point, my body has consumed alchol. When introduces me to his wife and I shake her hand my eyes go from normal to big a dinner plates. His wife is the hot teacher from 5th grade and today she hasn’t lost a step. Before she could say anything I mention that she was my 5th grade teacher and that she was inspriation to me. After a little chat, my boyhood dream, well almost, she ask me to dance. Score!

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    You should’ve made a clumsy grab for a boob….if it was clumsy enough she may have made you try again…

    …or slapped you, either way you would have gotten a grab of a boob.

    boobs rule!


    Man Law…

    …man law

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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