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Hi Everyone

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Hi Everyone

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    El Rustirino

    It’s been a while! Just so you know, I’m trying to keep up on everyone while I’ve been busy with schoolwork and such, but I wanted to pop in to say hi.

    Bryan, you should record something soon.

    Jerry, I love the Eavesdrop show.

    Rob, I would have listened to everything you’ve put up, except the feed won’t work on my PSP and I need to hurry up and download the other shows.

    To you three, Bing, Bucho (mmm), Digitopia, Octavious, Mike, Armez, THX, all you fucks. Happy New Year.


    I have 4 that I need to release.

    El Rustirino

    Well, release em, then! I enjoyed the ones you have out now.


    So for some reason, you can’t see my RSS feed, but you can see the other guys’ feeds? That’s some weird-ass shit I never heard of.

    Good to have you back, boy!

    El Rustirino

    I bet the feed would work if I were using it with iTunes or something.

    I’ll just have to download them direct.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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