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Favorite episodes of SOS

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Favorite episodes of SOS

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    Ok, im going on a long ass road trip, and need a list of shows to bring along
    Ive heard 55 BTW, and i started at the 20hours podcast so anything before that is fair game

    aaaaaand….. BEGIN!


    Anyway, 72 is my favourite because it was my first one and by halfway through, after trying about 20 or 25 different podcasts, I was thinking this was the best out there. I’ve probably tried 40 or 50 podcasts now and SOS is still the best.

    Now, my memory is crap like everything else my brain does but here’s what I can come up with. 12 has one of my favourite bits, where they talk about the alternative powered Terminator, 13 where Bryan turns purple, 18 where he gets a nosebleed, 24 where Jerry calls from London, 27, 28 and 30 where Jerry and Bryan talk about shit they did growing up, and 30 also has Reflections on Roxanne. See if you can find the Reflections on Christmas Vactation and Fletch in the show notes if you dig that old forgotten segment they used to do sometimes. 36 with the death tones. 44 I think was the first one where they match character traits to names. For some reason 4lo sticks in my mind, not just because of the number. I can’t find in the notes which show has Bryan talk about the sleep problems/ADD etc but it’s one where Jerry is away, maybe 51 where they talk about UFOs also. Whichever one it is it’s not for laughs but extrememly listenable. I remember really liking 007.interview where Rob from 411 interviews them. There’s a couple with Corby calling in that have some classic stuff too, check the show notes.

    I don’t know man, hope some of this helps, I used to listen to 3 or 4 shows a day while I was working by myself for a while so some of them blur together. Also, they’ve only done maybe 2 or 3 shows out of 103 that aren’t up to their usual standard of being relistenable so if you think you can you should go back and start from 001, it’s worth it. How long is this trip anyway? And what got you onto Switched On, some promo about the 24 hour mission?

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    Okay, call me a kiss ass if you want.

    I find all the episodes good. they are each unique in their own way. If you follow a rigid structure to a show then it becomes monotonous (big word, hope I spelt it right). Some of the shows have nearly made me crash the car, either through laughing so hard I can’t see the road throught the tears (wagging penis, smartie soup, cucumber snickers, netscape relating to herpes and so on), or just plain scaring the crap out of me (thanks guys, nice soft music followed by “WATCH OUT FOR THAT TRUCK”).

    If all else fails, check to see if there is any land on the left side of the boat (making sure you have plenty of Jerrys bread sticks that were pre-ordered from British Airways).

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    If it doesn’t work, jam a screwdriver in there and jiggle it about.


    It ain’t kissing ass dude, kissing ass is when you say nice things to get something in return. It’s not like you think these guys’ll make you vice president or let you borrow their car. Or is it?

    Pa-ul wrote:

    My favourite thing about that bit was it got me twice, I literally fell asleep and got nailed twice and there was no way I could have planned it.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    I love it when they talk about waggling penises. I don’t actually like waggling units, but it’s funny when the topic comes up on the show. My favorite was one show when they said, “Oh, here comes Rob with his waggly penis.” That just made me crack up way more than I should have.


    I’ll do a run down when I can remember, I was gonna post it in my signature, but It would have been more than 225 characters, DAMN YOU BBCODE!!

    But off the top of my head 72, 55, 88, 75, 94, and some older one’s that I can’t pinpoint at this second. I find it weird that most of my favorites shows are in the 70’s and 80’s and those are the decades they talk most about…..interesting.


    I was going through the show notes and I was thinking to myself that the episodes can be desribed like the way TBS does the Friends episodes. For instance, Show 34 was the one when there was a car crash outside or Show 72 is the one when they came back form the break, etc. etc.


    And show number ___ is the one where Bryan pinched the tip.


    And show number ___ is the one where Rob made a dick joke.

    Oh and which episode is the name game episode. Like their is one where y’all talk about it for like 45 minutes or something and like the mp3 is even labeld the Name Game Episode.

    El Rustirino

    I’ve only listened to a few, but since the archive is getting reloaded, I’m stuck with the ones I have.

    I like 97 the best, so far. That shit with the cable company was funny. Just goes to show that you don’t need Jerry πŸ˜‰


    Ah, that’s not true. Any two of us are good for a few laughs, but the show isn’t the show with out all three of us. Here’s my take on that:

    Jerry and Bryan: Funny enough because Jerry can get Bryan laughing a lot, but Bryan can only do so much building on what Jerry says, and has a hard time making the next comment, joke or anything through laughter. The show stays on track. Jerry by himself lets Bryan talk or rant way too long. hahahaa

    Jerry and Rob: Extremely funny, however this could quickly detiorate to just noises for 1.5 hours. These two constantly make each other laugh, but a show (not episode) with just the two of them might be hard to understand by new people.

    Bryan and Rob: You’ve heard this several times already, it works but it’s more serious and lacks that super left-field weirdness and splash of intentionally off-axis perspective that has made Jerry world famous.

    Sorry, switched:ON has to have the Jerry.

    Version3 wrote:
    Sorry, switched:ON has to have the Jerry.

    Correction, it has to have Bryan, Rob and Jerry.


    Here, here. Together y’all have this synergy that can’t be beat. When its two of y’all its still good, but its always missing that one thing. If it’s Rob, the show is missing the Midsection; if it’s Jerry then it would be the entire “where the fuck did that come from” stuff; and if Bryan is missing then there is no show…….at all.


    AAYY vagrants, bing.

    I decided to make a SOSer sammich today at lunch…

    I started off with a thin layer of sarcasm and wit brand mayo, then sprinkled some spicy pepper on that to give it some zing. I usually use Jerry Mayo and Music Man pepper.

    Then I threw in a big ole’ honk o’ meat and taters, to fill it out and provide the basis of any good sammich, Bryan meats are the best…stay away from generics.

    I usually throw in some onion and cheese so it’ll be the perfect blend of smokey flavor and tears from the laughing and crying. I grow my own Rob’s onions and cheese in my transmorgifier.

    Lemme tell ya, it makes a damn good lunch…….makes you fart though


    Yeah dawg, with only two of the boys in action it’s only twice as good as the next best thing.

    Also, don’t forget 83 when that suave and debonair foreign dude called in. That guy was somethin’ else alright.

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.

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