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Evil Dark Lord Octavious’ Dark Side Episode III

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Evil Dark Lord Octavious’ Dark Side Episode III

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    Checkout Etiquette
    I was at Wal-Mart tonight and we have several, 4, self check-out stations. Now when I got there, I was the only one. Why in the FUCK was these foreigners up my ass when there was three other stations. I stop and looked around to make sure that there was at least one opened, but there was 3. I told them I was busy and they can go to the other self-checkouts.
    Speaking of up my ass, is it just me but do you guys experience when you are at the front of the line of bank or a supermarket or an ATM or just something, why do people, for me mostly the eldery, are RIGHT there. They get in so tight, all I have to do is turn and my elbow is in someone’s chest and face. Mama Fratello, said it best, (I am gonna change it a little bit) People Suck!

    I will keep this short. Bing, you told me once about someone that you knew, that they rather lick a rotten anus instead spending time with the in-laws. (If you didn’t I apologize) But I am at a point that I rather tongue a rotten anus instead of hearing the bullshit coming out of my in-laws mouths. No, no, no scratch that, … eat a rotten anus.

    Justin J-dude

    MMM dont forget the Whipped Cream.
    That sucks. I hate when ppl come up right behind u and wont move back.
    There are so many ppl like that at my school. u just want to turn around and
    punch them in the face. Then look over them and say oh u shouldn’t have been
    so close to my fist.



    You are dead on right about people in line (or on-line..depending on where you live…Bucho do you stand in-line, on-line or “que-up”….not sure of spelling there)……Why the hell do you have to be right up on me…you’re next in line whether you are 2 inches or 2 feet behind me!!!!! Standing that close to me will not help you get any faster results.

    I’m not kidding…I will start farting when people do that shit to me….embarasses the mortal fuck out of Bingette every time I do it but I swear I’ve done it at least 4 different times (silent and violent and the blattering noisy ones).

    In laws huh? Yeah that dude I was telling you about has the same “Shut the hell up” feelings toward his as you seem to have for yours. I’m curious though…could you give us a little taste of what they do that bothers you so? I haven’t been really irritated enough today and hope maybe I can experience some of your irritation to make my quota.


    Let me see. I want to keep this short. They menaing my father in-law shoves food down my daughters throat even though she pushes it away. Rude comments to his daughter, my wife and me. The reason for my daughter being sick this week is because of the asshole does this retarded fake cough and he doesn’t cover his mouth. Turning off my tv when I leave the room for 2 minutes. Can never keep the channel for more than 10 seconds. Its like watch a strobe show on tv because he changes the channel so fast. The is a list of more shit but I will end this for Bing.

    My wife lost her job, I was working at pizza place. Got a job in NC, she didn’t and in 6 months we moved back. Made my in-laws happy because there daughter was coming home especially there granddaughter. Sometimes the way they act, you think that they are the parents, pisses me off. For a month I had no job and they constantly badgered me about finding a job, meanwhile they daughter, my wife is having a difficult time but nothing is said to her. Then I get a job answering phones about people’s cell phones and bills etc.. Now at this point I am trying to do everything to improve my life and my daughters. Ready to take classes and taking test and my father in-law had the brass balls to tell me that I am going no where in my job. After the holidays, my wife cousin’s husband gave me a call about the current job that I have. (Now, quick note, yes my father in-law knows the owner, a friend but at this point of my life in the last year, my father in-law’s “connections” of me getting a job with a friend of his or a family member NEVER panned out. 5 times, NEVER panned out.) So in 3 days of negotations I accepted the job. I felt good about the job. For the second time in my life, I am happy about my job until tonite. I got home and my medical benefits are the worse. Meaning they are shit. I got distrubed, and my father in-law said “Well you took the job.” I got in his face, nose to nose, I told him that the next job I find that has benefits that are worth a damn, you better pray that I don’t move out of NY. Fuck, just writing this gets me mad. But with some tv, books and you guys and the show, it makes things better and funny. So get ready to have some fun and Bing send me some files.


    yo man whakinda files you want….I gots what you need man…funny, sad, angry, and constipated.

    email me

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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