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Evil Dark Lord Octavious’ Dark Side #1

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Evil Dark Lord Octavious’ Dark Side #1

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    First off with Katie Rees – Miss Nevada:
    Funny, the state that houses Sin City. Look, if she was my piece of ass, I will be doing her every which way till Sunday. She was fired? What a crock of shit. We should be standing up and congradulating her. These pageants are now so over-rated. The 50’s are done and so is the lifestyle of Sounds of Music were you needed to be prim and proper. I am getting sick and tired of these beautiful broads telling about peace on Earth and treatment of animals. Listen here bitch, they only animal that you should be treating with respect is the beaver between your thighs. By the way NIIIIICCE pictures. Especially the ones that have “Listen to your Dad” in the background.

    You weep what you sow. They should be punished just like the average Joe. None if this bullshit that they make these millions protects them. Tank Johnson of the Bears, are you kidding me? Why is it that every time he breathes, someone dies? But my congratulations goes to ‘Melo. Carmelo Anthony that crack the Knick in the face and then stood up and accepted the punish that was given. (‘Melo, since you played in ‘Cuse, my home area, one thing, step into the punch)

    Some people make me sick. The mountain climbers, enough! People that live in Tornado Valley, stop! I got to hear one more person that cries why their house was destroyed please put my head thru a large glass window. Most of these houses that I see are not made out of brick, which would stand a little bit better or better yet, move. Now for the people that live in the North and South when it snows. One, northerners, you have been living since birth, stop bitching. Southerners, you shut up too. Some of you are northerners that moved to the south and the southerners you damn well that the snow melts faster than the north, its geographical, scientific fact..



    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    Preach it Brother Darth!


    I think I’m gonna go get in the truck and go on a 5 state slapping-spree

    Bing wrote:
    I think I’m gonna go get in the truck and go on a 5 state slapping-spree

    Only another 40, or so to go (avoiding SOS listeners, and double for the spammers).

    If it doesn’t work, jam a screwdriver in there and jiggle it about.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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