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echo, echo, echo

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echo, echo, echo

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    I figured I’d wait a couple of days, but damn this place is getting slower and slower. Anyone have any ideas on how to make it the daily stop for all that it once was? How about how to pull the regulars that aren’t so regular back?

    Where’s Frank?
    Newman, your occasionals have dropped off to once in a blue moon.
    Bing, when did you stop posting 67 times per morning and cut it back to only when you have something to say?
    Robb, your house is built and full of cool shit… you have no excuse for not blowing past my posting numbers.
    Jerry, you can find us 5 minutes per week of your time, yes?
    Bucho? Don’t try using that jungle shit excuse… stop playing with your wooly bitches and get back on here and entertain us. Dance Monkey, Dance!
    Pa-ul… did the UK iPhone launch bring down the whole internet? Where the fuck are you buddy?
    Brandon? I’ve seen you on Skype more than I’ve seen you on here. Show yourself boy!
    Octavious you slacking mother fucker. You were one of the most frequent posters around… what are you busy or some shit?
    Where the fuck is the cinemafreak?
    Armez… nevermind
    Fletch? I thought you were gonna be a contender there at the end of things. Is the show not coming out really causing that much disinterest?

    Did you all follow YouFollowMe? to some hole in the world?

    Rusty, THX… help me get these silly bastards back on here!

    -insert the usual Bing quote here-.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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