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Does anyone pay attention to government?

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Does anyone pay attention to government?

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    did you know that new laws could be passed soon that will kill that vast majority of music streams on the internet? New laws will fee them out of existence in the name of artist fairness. It’s not the artists crying about, you guessed it, is the fucking music industry. Fuck them.

    People, do you give a shit what happens in your country at all? Do you like being able to listen to streaming radio that offers choices other than what is already on your limited local radio?

    You need to let someone know about it.


    Sorry, but this is one of those things that irritate the living shit out of me. The average person has no clue this is out there, because the limited exposure they have to lawmaking would have them believe that there is only discussion about immigration and Iraq in our government. Those two issues are being used to do all kinds of other shit to your freedoms, and if your government doesn’t hear you, they don’t know they are speaking incorrectly for you..


    It’s ludicrous that the music industry is still trying to fight technology instead of run with it. Surely they can’t win, it’s like the old taoist thing of bending like a sapling or flowing like water being stronger ultimately than resistance. Especially since internet radio is much easier to pirate even than broadcast radio. They’re chasing their own tails and making unneccesary enemies and it sucks for the end user.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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