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Captain Bryan’s Opinion Question #1

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Captain Bryan’s Opinion Question #1

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    Question for you, Bryan. Who did you like better? Katie Holmes in Batman Begins or Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns?


    so what you really mean, is who did I dislike the least? Well, I’d have to go with Katie Holmes, because she has a less important character to be bad at. I don’t know that Bosworth was particularly bad in SR, she just wasn’t a fit at all. Hmmm. Damn, I may have to watch them both again real quick so I can decide, because they both have parts that I tried to overlook that they were in, so that I’d enjoy the film more.

    Darth Octavious wrote:
    Katie Holmes in Batman Begins or Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns?

    How do you rate the female leads for hotness and acting talent in any of the superhero flicks so far Darth? I mean, forgetting the X-chicks, Hellboy or Fantastic Four or whatever and just choosing normal girls in superhero films. I guess it’s between those two and Kirsten Dunst? Or am I missing some others?

    - Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.


    As far as acting talent, I have seen Katie Holmes in two things Dawson’s Creek and Batman. And for the others, Bosworth and Dunst only saw them in Superman and Spidy. Meaning I don’t know their range but at least, they didnt pick others just for show.

    Katie in Batman- is trying hard but sometimes doesn’t look right when she is trying to be a tough person. Bosworth – I know that Bryan doesn’t like her but I have said before at least she a better looking Lois. Dunst – my friends thinks that she not that good looking but I think she is cute and can’t go wrong with a wet shirt showing off your yum-yums.

    Back to what I said before about hiring actess just for show. Hiring “actresses” like Jessica Simpson and Pam Anderson is just for the boobs and ass and NOTHING ELSE. Every time these bimbos think that can act and say that they are “starting” an acting career is beside themselves. They are there for the T & A. The only reason I watched Stacked is because I was home and it was on and I like seeing boobies.

    Now Kate Beckinsale is great pick for talent and hotness. She can act, kick ass and is beautiful. And her English accent is a bonus.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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